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Avg. Product Life : 6-9 months
App. Method : Sew-In or Bonded
Contains : 4 ounces
Amount Needed for Full Head : 2 packages
Can be curled or flat-ironed : Yes
Can be colored or texturized : Not Recommended
Requires Professional Application : Yes
Lengths Available : 14" 16' & 18" 22"
Hair Origin : Asian Remy

Bohyme Body Wave Hand Tied

Bohyme Body Wave Hand Tied Hair Extensions is delicately processed cuticle intact Remy hair so the hair still has movement and looks real not shiny and synthetic like other so called Remy hair.

Bohyme Body Wave, is perfect if you want your hair extensions to have a subtle wave and body without having to curl it everyday.

Bohyme Body wave also looks beautiful when it is flat-ironed but it will always return to it voluminous waves once you wet it.

So if you're tired of waiting to have the hair you've always dreamed about then buy Bohyme Body Wave and step out of your dreams and change your hair...change your life. 

Bohyme Body Wave Hand Tied Extensions is the exclusive hair extensions of choice for the Natural Beaded Rows method of hair extensions.  Hand Tied Hair Extensions are perfect for women with very fine or very blonde hair because the weft is so lightweight and invisible that it creates flawless invisible extensions.  

* Use our Bohyme Color Guide to select the perfect color

Bohyme Body Wave Hand Tied FAQ:

How many packages will I need?
1-2 packages

What type of hair is this?
Asian Remy hair that has been processed for color and texture.  

Can this hair be flat ironed?
Yes, but when it is wet it returns to it naturally wavy state

What does hand tied mean? 

Hand Tied hair Extensions are amazing for fine or thin hair.  This is the exclusive hair used for the natural beaded rows method for very undetectable hair extensions. Because the weft is so delicate it should not be cut and comes in small bundles. 


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