Bohyme I-Tip Hair Extensions: Silky Straight (120 Strands)

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Avg. Product Life : 6-9 months
App. Method : Fusion
Contains : 1 ounce approx. 25-30 strands (120 pcs total)
Amount Needed for Full Head : 3-4 Packages
Can be curled or flat-ironed : Yes
Can be colored or texturized : Not Recommended
Requires Professional Application : Yes
Lengths Available : 14" 18" 22"
Hair Origin : 100 % Remy Asian Hair


Bohyme I Tip Silky Straight Strand by Strand Hair Extensions?

Bohyme I Tip Hair Extensions in 120 Strands is perfect if you want a lot of the same color.  If you like to mix up your colors try the Bohyme I Tip in 60 Strands 

Do you dream of gorgeous straight hair that has a natural dimension and shine so that you forget it's not really your hair? Well, Bohyme Silky Straight is unlike any other brand when it comes to straight shiny hair that doesn't tangle and shed. 

Bohyme Silky Straight pre-tipped hair is available in a stunning range of colors. While the brunettes tend to be ashy the blondes are golden blondes that have dimension depth that look like a $700 dye job.  Sunnys is an authorized retailer of Bohyme Hair Extensions for 25 years.  

If you are tired of wasting money on hair that claims to be Remy hair but ends up on your bathroom floor or tangly mess then stop wasting your money and truly change your hair...change your life.

The I tip Bohyme Hair Extensions are designed to be used with beads or plastic shrinkies.

* Use our Bohyme Color Guide to select the perfect color

Bohyme I Tip Hair Extensions FAQ

It depends on how much length or volume you would like.  If you are going much longer than your hair we suggest 2-3 packages.  If you just want to add some volume or a little length 1-2 packages should do

Asian Remy hair that has been donated from single donors and delicately processed for color and texture

Yes, but when it is wet it returns to it naturally straight state.

Bohyme is an extremely popular brand, but they do not skimp on quality. It takes a long time to texturize hair while still preserving cuticle integrity.Long story short the color you want may not always be in stock. So please give us a back up choice.

Keratip or U Tip is when the tips made of keratin are softened directly onto the hair without any beads or links. No additional keratin is needed because the tips have the most amount of strong keratin possible without being bulky.

I Tip hair connects with either a bead or link and cannot be applied directly onto the hair because the keratin bond is not made to attach to hair.

You will need a looping tool and Pro Release Plus to apply the I tip Hair extensions. To remove you will need the Pro Release Plus. The loop brush is a great tool to maintain hair extensions. You will also need either plastic tubes or silicon-lined tubes.

4-5 Bags for 18" and shorter
5-6 Bags for 18" and longer

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Sunny’s Hair and Wigs began with one store in Minneapolis 22 years ago, started by the father of four daughters. Because of his unique position, he was exposed to how much women worried about their hair.

He opened a beauty supply with the mission to sell hair extensions and wigs his four daughters and other women the world over would actually like.

Now with his daughters at the helm of the family run enterprise, the cult favorite Minneapolis beauty supply store has grown but still retains its family operated feel with 3 locations and a website revamped to bring our favorite hair extensions to the world. We don't sell everything, only products we know and love.

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"I've worked with for over a decade. The variety and quality of your hair is the best! I can make blonde wigs or a custom dyed frontal for my celebrity clients. The hair is definitely celebrity quality that I can trust.

Derek J
Celebrity Hair Stylist and Host of Bravo's Fashion Queens

"Those hair extensions from Sunny's were AMAZING. I kept them for so long. Out of any hair that I've used, Sunny's Hair was the best and thickest!"

Kat Pasion
Model & Actress

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