Pre Tipped Hair Extensions Shopping Guide

Pre tipped hair extensions photo
What exactly is Pre Tipped Hair Extensions?
Pre Tipped Hair Extensions are designed for strand by strand hair extensions when the hair is left out and none of it is braided.  The hair is pretipped with keratin or adhesive to allow the hair to either be applied directly onto the hair (keratip) or be applied along with a bead or a plastic tube (I Tip Hair ).  
How do I know which method of Pre Tipped Hair Extensions is right for me?
Speak to your stylist if you have any questions about whether you are a good candidate for pre-tipped hair extensions.  The most important criteria is that you want to apply hair that blends with your natural hair texture since you won't be braiding away your natural texture.
How do I wash Pre Tipped Hair Extensions?
You will need to use a gentle shampoo and put your hair extensions into two braids before washing.  Wash the hair in the braids so that you don't aggravate the cuticle too much and cause tangling. 
How much Pre Tipped Hair Extensions will I need?
For Indian Hair Pre Tipped Extensions you will need 4-6 bags for a full head
For Le Prive, Bohyme or Lord & Cliff you will need up to 2 bags to complete a full head.
Do's & Don'ts 
  • DO NOT use oils, citrus based products, or heavy conditioners near the bonds of the hair
  • DO NOT cut the pre-tipped bond in half. It will contribute to shedding.
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