Bohyme Hair Extensions Color Guide

How to Select The Best Color for Bohyme Hair Extensions 

Bohyme Hair Extensions are available in an extensive array of colors and tones. Whenever there are two tone colors the tracks are sewn one on top of the other with different colors so that you can reveal the low light or highlight of choosing more. It allows for seamless blending and you don't have to worry about streaky highlights


How to Decipher the Bohyme Hair Extensions Colors:

D = is designated as  blended colors. Where one layer of color is sewn on top of another. This is only available in Machine Weft. For example a D18/22 would have 18 on the top and 22 on the bottom. 
H/P = is designated as  "highlights" or  "piano" striped colors. The colors are arranged similar to piano keys. This is mostly on hand tied hair, seamless weft, tape ins and clip in hair extensions. 
M = is designated as mixed color combinations. Colors are mixed together very finely 
T = is designated as  two-toned, or Ombré colors. (T2/30, T2/BL22, T6/BL22 T8A/BL22)

= Rooted colors where less than an inch towards the base of the hair is darker  (R4/18/BL22  R8A/8A/BL22)

BL = Ash version of a color.  Cooler tone when BL is before a color such as BL18/22 then both 18 and 22 are ashier and cooler.  If if BL is next to the second color, just the second color is cooler 

= Ash tone similar to BL

For best results please order a Color Ring.  You can always return a color ring after you order but if you are stylist who does a lot of hair extensions a color ring is a must! 

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