Why Blonde Hair Extensions Turn Brassy & Six Expert Tips To Stop It

by Sunnys Girl August 03, 2017

How to fix brassy hair extensions

Why Blonde Hair Extensions Turn Brassy and How to Fix Them

It can be heartbreaking to have our blonde ambition to turn into a brassy bad dream. Getting to a brighter shade of blonde is difficult enough without having to go back and keep your color from going orange. Unfortunately, this is a major part of going blonde and having blonde extensions. Here, we talk a little bit about why bottle blonde goes brass and how to fix it when it does.


Most extensions source their hair from Asia where hair is naturally very dark. Even with the most gentle of hair dying methods, getting dark hair to go blonde can make hair very porous and much more prone to discoloration. When getting color-treated, extensions need to be toned with blue or ash-based toners to neutralize warm tones in dark hair color. Discolouration happens when the violet and ash tones in hair get stripped away. The red tones that occur in hair’s original, darker shades start to reemerge.  You can never truly get away from having blonde color turn orange when the toner and dye start to fade, but here are some key factors in what can speed up that process.

Water, all of it. The hard water in your shower, pool water with chlorine and salt water can cause discoloration or strip extensions of their violet and ash tones.  It’s suggested to use a hard water filter in your shower and to wear a swim cap in the pool or ocean.

The sun is another culprit that causes the color to lift and lighten. It’s always smart to protect your hair against the sun by wearing hats or using an umbrella when you’re going to be exposed to UVA and UVB rays for long periods of time.



Getting your extensions to retain their neutral blonde can be a bit tricky, so it’s best to visit your stylist for any upkeep but if you love DIY projects, read on.


Step 1: 100% Virgin Hair

The very first thing that you need is amazing hair. Cheaper extensions usually aren’t 100% virgin hair and can go through some serious dying processes which can make toning them extremely difficult. They can come out patchy or absorb blue color tones making them look tie-dyed.


Step 2: Blue Shampoo Mixture

Next, take a tablespoon of your favorite blue or violet, and sulfate-free shampoo, we love Good Hair Days Argan Oil Shampoo and swish it around a large bowl of water. We recommend doing a patch test on part of an extension first so that you can monitor how intense the color saturates the hair. Add more water if the color is looking too intense.


Step 3: Work That Hair

Go through each piece of hair individually and dip them into your diluted shampoo mixture and work the hair for about 30 seconds before laying it on a towel to set. Don’t leave hair in the mixture any longer as it could dye the hair blue! Try to avoid any tapes, bonds or clips the best you can.


Step 4: Rinse

Rinse hair pieces in the same order that you began the toning process.


Step 5: Condition

Make sure to use your favorite paraben-free conditioner to help soften and hydrate your extensions.  We absolutely love Good Hair Days since think they are the best shampoo and conditioner for color treated hair extensions.


Step 6: Dry

Lay your hair extensions flat on a towel and pat-dry hair to absorb excess moisture and use a hair-dryer set on low to medium heat to dry the roots immediately. Then, simply let them air-dry.


Repeat the process every time you get your hair extensions taken out.


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