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Trend Alert: How to get Cher Hair with Hair Extensions

Trend Alert:  How to get Cher Hair with Hair Extensions

Cher Hair with Hair Extensions 

We're calling it a thing... long and sleek hair parted down the middle with no layers gives Cher all day long. Kim Kardashian resurrected this look in the past few months and thanks to Rihanna, Jordan Dunn, J Lo and Naomi Campbell all rocking it just as beautiful we can officially call it a trend. 

So just how do you get Cher hair especially if you just went for last years trend of the toussled lob?  Hair Extensions of course! This is a dramatic look and you don't have to go for natural look.  Here are a few tips we recommend to achieve this look:

Naomi Campbell Hair Extensions

How to Get Cher Hair:

Tape In Hair Extensions 

You need to be able to bring your hair extensions very high up.  Natural beaded rows won't do to get this look.  You need to bring some hair extensions into your crown area and right up under your part line to hide any shorter face framing layers you might have. You would need 7-8 packs of Tape In Extensions to really achieve the length defying drama this look requires. To really make an impact consider trying Jet Black hair.  It will give rich radiant depth and shine for quintessential Cher Hair.

Sew In Virgin Indian Hair Extensions 

It's a little-known fact that double drawn hair extensions are rarely sold at top hair extension boutiques.  Double Drawn hair assures root to tip hair that is the same length.  The Double Drawn Natural Straight Hair is the perfect product to achieve Cher Hair. It's radiant and dimensional in its color and thick from root to tip to make your hair look maybe, just maybe it could be your hair (although natural isn't the vibe that Cher Hair cares about)  I would recommend 3 bags of 22" Double Drawn Natural Straight.

An Amazing Lacefront Wig

When you don't have the length on top to get this look.  You just need to go with an amazing lacefront wig.  The key to an amazing lacefront wig would be Italian lace dyed to be the tone of your skin with silk top that hides the knot of the hair attachment.  The ideal would be that the part would be designed into the wig and that part would be on a silk top closure.  This isn't cheap.

Who is your favorite celebrity rocking Cher Hair? Please share with us in the comments we'd love to hear from you. 


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