The Ultimate Guide to Buying Virgin Indian Hair Online

by Dafina Smith November 03, 2017

The Ultimate Guide to Buying Virgin Indian Hair Online

TheThe Ultimate Guide to Buying Virgin Indian Hair Extensions Online

Indian Hair Extensionsare by far my favorite type of hair extensions to sell. Trends come and go, Brazilian Peruvian and countless of other sources of hair that are marketed to be that “new- new” but really are just marketing gimmicks for the most part. 

For most women, I recommend Indian Hairbecause the source of it is stable and bountiful and the hair is just so damn versatile! But…. Not all of you have the luxury of having a hands-on boutique that you can walk into to select your bundles with a beauty expert guiding you to select the best bundles. It’s a process that we definitely perfect at all of Sunny’s retail locationsand if you can pick it out in person…do it! 

But most of us can’t. So this blog post is for you. I’m going to walk you through each step I train every Hairnista working at Sunny’s to go through to make sure a first time Indian Hair client gets the perfect hair for them each an every time.

The Four Steps to Buying the Right Virgin Hair 

1. How are you going to Apply the hair?

DO NOT buy hair online until you are absolutely sure how you will be installing the hair. 80% of the hair we sell is on a weft. The weft needs to attach to either a braid or a row of beads. Sometimes people buy wefted hair and sew it on to clip ins to make clip in hair extensions. There is also tape in hair extensions and pre-tipped hair extensions.  The number of packages you need will vary dependent on the way in which you apply it.

  • Pre-Tipped hair comes in either V Tip or Keratip which has keratin that you heat and apply directly to your hair. The I Tip hair is used to apply strand by strand with either a bead or plastic tube. Tape In Hair extensions have a little adhesive tape that you apply directly to your hair.
  • Wefted Hair normally requires  2-3 bags. If you are using a beaded weft method you will need 1-2 bags of hair. Each bag of hair from has 4 ounces.


2. What is your lifestyle? 

Your lifestyle tends to dictate the best texture for you. These are questions to consider. 

Do you work out a lot? If you do work out a lot, then you will need to be washing your hair frequently so be mindful of going with a completely different texture than your own hair because you will have to heat style your hair to blend with your extensions which can be higher maintenance and lead to more damage to your own hair if you aren’t careful.

Do you heat style your hair more than 2-3 times a week ? Is there a texture that best represents the wave or curl pattern that you wear on a daily basis. If you love waves…get wavy hair and then define the natural wave pattern that the hair will already have.   

If you love curly hair but you know that go to a salon and get your hair straightened, that’s fine.  A lot of people love the texture that wearing curly hair provides as it doesn’t look too silky for people who have coarser hair… but keep in mind that with time, just iike with your own hair the curl pattern of your curly Indian hair will start to loosen and may even experience heat damage.

Virgin Indian Hair Colors

2. What Color or Tone do you need?

This is the tricky part of buying Indian Hair online. For the most part, Virgin Indian Hair is not available in traditional hair colors. Virgin refers to the fact that the hair has never been colored or texturized, so whatever the donor was working with…is what you are working with. For the most part, the hair is brunette and varies from darkest brown to a light-medium red-brown. But there is dimension and variety with each bundle. That’s why if you visit our retail stores, we will put out 6-7 bags to help you select two or three. Online… we don’t have that luxury, but there are ways that we can help. USE THE ORDER NOTES! We read those order notes and if you want the darkest brown almost black say that, we will do our best to select the darkest bundles we have. If you plan on coloring your hair lighter, then you will want to have those naturally lighter bundles. 

Virgin Indian Hair

3. How much will you need? How much Drama do you need to give

So.. I never use more than 2 bags…ever! I have a smaller head and don’t have a lot of hair at my part line. I just have low-density hair… and if I sew in 4 packs… it just looks like I robbed the weave store. But I have friends who is all of 5’ 2” but never wears less than 4 bags of hair. She has thicker hair all around and 2 packs would look like she ran out of money at the weave store. You have to know your lane of drama that you are able to give on a day to day basis and go from there.   


Here are some general guidelines:

Pre Tipped Hair: You will normally use 5-6 bags to add the standard volume and length  7-10 is to give extra drama

Wefted Beaded Methods: 1 bag is typical for most clients to add some length and fullness. A lot of your hair is left out when you do the beaded methods so you don’t have to worry about recreating the hair that you remove when you braid

Braided or Sew-In: 2-3 bags for 18” and under. 4-6 bags for 18” and longer. The longer you go, the shorter your weft is because the hair is quoted in net weight

Best Hair Products for Hair Extensions

4. How are you going to be taking care of the hair? 

You just spent a grip on hair.  You're going to spend even more to install the hair, and then you go grab drugstore quality hair products on your hair.  Huh?  I notice there is a tendency to feel that because you spend a lot of money on your hair extensions you shouldn't have to take care of it.  But, let's pivot the mindset to this:  BECAUSE you spent a lot of money on your hair you want to protect your investment in your appearance and you want to extend the life of your hair extensions as long as possible.  

So... take care of it.  First!  Use a gentle sulfate free shampoo.  In most shampoos, even high priced fancy shampoos they are filled with harsh detergents and surfacants that strip the hair of its essential oils, so that you have to go back in and add a bunch of heavy conditioners to repair the damage from your shampoo, thus locking you in a vicious cycle 

So just say goodbye to sulfates, yes you won't be having a bubble fest on your head when you shampoo, but you aren't 3 anymore.  Save the bubbles for the babies. Your hair need s gentle sulfate and paraben free products.  

Then when you style your hair you need a lightweight thermal protectant that is lightweight. 

We only sell one hair care line on Good Hair Days.  That's because its the best shampoo and conditioner for hair extensions.   

But beyond hair care products, invest in a satin pillowcase or wear a scarf at night.  Use quality blow dryers and heat tools and finally... have a talk with your stylist, her assistant of whoever is all up in your shampoo bowl, to take it easy on the shampooing, gentle downward motions through the hair and save the agitation for your scalp!

I hope this helps in selecting the best Virgin Indian Hair you can online!  The main point is that we are not some huge corporate behemoth who doesn't use our own supply.  We know what you need to get the hair you need, so use us.  Use the beauty concierge service we offer and at the minimum USE THE ORDER NOTES!

Dafina Smith
Dafina Smith

Beautyprenuer based in NYC. Changing Hair... Changing Lives for a Quarter Century!

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