The Ultimate Guide to Buying Bohyme Hair Extensions Online

by Dafina Smith October 13, 2017

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The Ultimate Guide to Bohyme Hair Extensions

Bohyme Hair was the first premium brand our family ever sold at Sunnys. It was a huge deal to for our business to be able to carry such a prestige line and solidified us as place for excellent customer service AND long lasting quality hair. We’ve been selling Bohyme hair for about 24 years and before there was Indian Hair… there was Bohyme.

Bohyme Brand Ethos

The Bohyme brand ethos is very similar to our family business ethos which is to focus on quality over trends. We’ve always enjoyed working this family-run brand and in some ways, they feel like an extension of our family. We really value their focus on catering to professional hair extension specialist and being responsive to their needs.

Bohyme Brands We Carry and Why

Bohyme is a collective of brands. We don’t carry all of their brands. We edit our selection like any department store would of various designers. We edit and curate for the needs of our Sunny’s Girl, so we don’t create an overwhelming noisy experience shopping for hair.

Bohyme Luxe Hair Extensions

Bohyme Gold & Bohyme Luxe

We carry Bohyme Gold and Bohyme Luxebecause no one does color and especially blondes better on wefted and tape in hair extensions. The stunning range of colors, ombre, rooted and balayage tones won’t be found in any other brand. The hand-tied hair is perfect for Natural Beaded Rows, one of our favorite methods of healthy hair extensions that layers hand tied hair extensions on rows created with beads.

Bohyme Platinum Collection 

Bohyme Platinum Collection is the line that caters to more textured hair. We continue to carry this line because for women who need a specific color or tone this is often the best bet. But for women who want to customize their color or wear virgin hair we always recommend our brand of Sunnys Virgin Indian Hair over Bohyme except for one product.. Bohyme Brazilian Wave… Read more about our take on Bohyme Brazilian Wave vs. Kinky Curly Indian Hair

How to select the best Product for You:

Bohyme Hand Tied Hair

This is ideal for women who have fine hair and need flat and undetectable hair. The evolution of methods like hand tied beaded wefts, Malaysian method and Natural Beaded Rows makes this type of hair come to life. 

Pros: Comes in a stunning array of colors especially in blondes. Very fine weft that can be layered without adding bulk

Cons: You can’t cut this hair because it can unravel extremely easy

Faves: Our favorite is the Bohyme Silky Straight Hand Tied: 


bohyme tape in hair extensions

Bohyme Tape In Hair Extensions 

In just two years, Bohyme Tape In Hair Extensions have become the top selling and highest rated product on The Tape In Extensions are ideal for women who want an affordable and fairly easy way to have longer and thicker hair.  If your hair is fine and or thin tape-ins are amazing because it adds absolutely no bulk to your hair. 

Pros:  Flat, undetectable and easy enough for any hairstylist or beauty maven to install

Cons: Doesn't last longer than 2 months and can start to slide down if you have oily hair

Faves:  The Rooted or Ombre Colors are our favorite 

Bohyme Brazilian Wave

Bohyme Platinum Collection 

The platinum line was designed for more textured hair.  Primarily marketed to African-American women this line offers a really great alternative to Indian hair. We tend to recommend to use Virgin Indian Hair whenever possible.  But... when you want a specific color such as level 4 or a 4/27, I think it's best to go with Bohyme.  Not every stylist is able to color Virgin Indian Hair with consistent results, so sometimes it can be more cost effective to go with

But... when you want a specific color such as level 4 or a 4/27, I think it's best to go with Bohyme.  Not every stylist is able to color Virgin Indian Hair with consistent results, so sometimes it can be more cost effective to go with sometimes it can be more cost effective to go with pre-dyed and textured hair. 

Bohyme Textured Smooth, Saharian Smooth and Egyptian Wave all blend well with relaxed hair. 

Pros:  Already colored to match your hair color and has additional texture and wave pattern consistency that you can't always get with Virgin Indian Hair

Cons: Doesn't last as long as Virgin Indian Hair, not as versatile and can't be customized the way that Virgin Indian Hair can be 

Faves: Bohyme Brazilian Wave. Just hands down a unique product that perfectly matches most 4b natural hair 


Bohyme Machine Weft Hair Gold Collection 

The machine-wefted hair in Bohyme is great for the traditional sew in hair extensions.  The weft on this hair is extremely durable and be cut easily to make installing hair extensions fast and more customizable. 

There is a great range of textures in the Gold Collection.  French Refined and Deep Wave are great for women with naturally curly hair who want extensions that can blend with their hair on a daily basis but still have the option to blow it out or straighten it. 

The Silky Straightand Body Wave are the two top-selling textures.  The silky straight is available in a wide range of colors.  So wide of a range that we aren't able to list all the colors on our if you need a color you don't see please live chat us a request for a color and we can send you an invoice. 

Pros: Durable weft available in every color under the sun

Cons:  Bulkier wefts are harder to hide in fine or blonde hair

Favorites: Bohyme French Refined.  It's the secret weapon to having curly blonde hair.  If you want great blondes and curls... it's hard to get that with Virgin Indian Hair without compromising the quality of hair.  

Bohyme I Tip Hair Extensions 

We don't sell a lot of Pre-Tipped Bohyme Hair Extensions.  Our go-to brand for strand by strand hair extensions is Le Prive Hair Extensions.  We do like Bohyme if you are looking for more golden tones in their pre-tipped hair.  Le Prive Hair Extensions tend to be cooler and more Ash blonde. 

Pros: More golden blonde tones with durable and long-lasting I Tip hair 

Cons: Not available in keratin tip which is extremely popular type of Pre-Tipped Hair Extensions 

Faves:  Honestly... we recommend Le Prive for I Tip Hair

Bohyme Seamless Weft Hair Extensions

Bohyme Seamless Weft 

Bohyme Seamless Weft is a new innovative product that is good for just about anyone.  If you want to make clip in extensions, make your own small I tip Hair or use it for Natural Beaded Rows. The hair colors are gorgeous and the weft is 40% lighter than any traditional weft. 

Pros:  This is so lightweight but you can still cut the hair

Cons: Still not as seamless and invisible as hand tied hair extensions 

Faves:  We love all of the rooted colors 

Shipping Timeframe for Bohyme

  1. If you order with free ground shipping it will take 2 Business days before your hair ships.  If you need your hair within a week...and it's later in the week you might consider paying for Bohyme Expedited Shipping which is $36.

Bohyme Color Ring

Color Guide of Bohyme 

An “A” after the color or a “BL” in front of a color, means it’s an ashy, cool version of the color.

When you see a color like 18/BL22, the BL only applies to the 22. So it’s a mix with an ashy blonde 22.When you see a color like BL18/22, that means the BL applies to both the 18 and 22. So it’s an ashy version of a regular 18/22. 

A “D” in front of the color means “blended”. The “D” is only for machine-tied wefts. One color is sewed on top of the other. If you look at the weft for a 18/22, one side will be 18 and the other side will be 22. 

A “H” in front of the color means “highlighted” and the colors will switch off like piano keys. You’ll see this for hand-tied wefts and the rest of Bohyme products – seamless wefts, tape-ins, i-tips, clip-in, etc.

A “M” in front of the color means “mixed” and the colors will be mixed together very finely, alternating almost strand-by-strand.

We also highly suggest that you use the interactive Color Ring we have on our Bohyme Color Guide Page   The Bohyme Color Guide has a quick video that shows you what the color really looks like. 

Also... a word on using the color ring! Not every product is made in every color on the color ring.  Even more... not every length is made in every color.  So from years of experience, I recommend going to the page of the product that you like and seeing what colors are listed there.  (We don't list every color) If you match to a color listed in the length and product that you need... good stop there and use that!

If you don't use our live chat feature or color concierge... and we can help get you the closest match.  Don't despair...we wish there was a more efficient way too... but until there is we are here to help! 

Dafina Smith
Dafina Smith

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