Tape In Hair Extensions: All You Ever Needed To Know

by Sunnys Girl February 06, 2017

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Tape In Hair Extensions Guide

Tape In Hair Extensions with Virgin Indian Hair

Over the past year, Tape In Hair Extensions have suddenly become one of our best selling products.  People love the ease, versatility and find them to actually be less damaging than daily clip in hair extensions use.  

So we thought we'd share with you all you ever need to know about Tape In Hair extensions...what you need...how to put them in.... and still love your hair when you take them out.  

If you have more questions, please let us know!  

Who are Tape In Hair Extensions Best for?

This is the trick to having hair you love...figuring out which hair extension method is best for you hair.  In my humble opinion tape in hair extensions look best when you just want more of your hair and your hair is just a little thinner than what you'd want.  They are great for length too... but if you want much longer and much thicker hair than what you currently have...there are better methods for you.  

What do I need to Install Tape In Hair Extensions? 

You will need 2-3 packages if you are buying Le Prive Tape In Hair Extensions. For Bohyme Tape In Hair Extensions, 3-5 Packages are best but if you are going much longer than your hair I suggest 5-6 packages.  You will also need:

  • Rattail Comb (Weave Comb)
  • Gator Clips (lots of them) 
  • Tape In Hair 
  • Flat Iron (totally optional)
  • Tape In Hair Replacement Tape 
  • Tape In Hair Extensions Remover (Just In Case you need to move or fix one)

How to Install Tape In Hair Extensions 

Why write about this when you could just watch a quick video!  But a few notes...on best practices:  Make sure that you select the perfect amount of hair to affix the extensions to.  Too large and it won't really stick and will most likely slip out, too little and it could cause breakage.   

Where to Placement Tape In Hair Extensions 

The beautiful thing about Tape Ins is that they are so flat and undetectable and not bulky. If you have very blonde hair, be mindful that as your roots grow the blonde demarcation line of your tape ins will show a lot, so try to find rooted tape ins with the base color of your roots added in.  In general, Tape In Hair Extensions look best applied in a horseshoe ring around your hair. Not too far up by your hairline or partline. 

How to Make Tape In Hair Extensions Last

The key to long lasting tape in hair extensions is the products you use to maintain your hair.  You need sulfate free and a gentle shampoo and conditioner that is specifically formulated for color treated hair extensions. 

It's super important to avoid all products with Citric Acid in them! The acid in a lot of shampoos and conditioners strip away at the bond that keeps your hair extensions affixed to your hair! So Herbal Essences and a lot of great smelling shampoos are not your friend because they have a lot of Citrus based products in them.  

You will also want to make sure that you wash your hair the optimal amount to ward off oily roots but not too much that you strip away at the bonds of the tape in hair extensions.  Dry Shampoo will be your friend when you have tape ins.  Just a little at the root is perfect to extend your shampoo or blowout another 2-3 days without too much oil!  

Also...if you go to blowout bars or someone who is unfamiliar with your hair extensions...please speak up and tell them to be gentle with the blow dryer.  They should avoid using direct tension against the tape ins while directing heat at the bonds. 

How to Still Love Your Hair Without Tape In Hair Extensions

The other key to great hair...is to know when to say goodbye.  Goodbye to split ends, hair extensions that have been in too long...you catch the drift.  I think the optimal time is 4-6 weeks for hair that grows fast and 6-8 weeks with a maintenance appointment or two. 

So when it is time to say goodbye, make sure that you have everything you need. A good citrus oil with a nice slip and the Gel Hair Extension Removerand a fine tooth comb. 

You will want to apply 1-2 drops of the Gel Remover to the base of the tape in hair and then rub it in. Let it sit for a few moments and the slide down the tape in extensions.  If there is any resistance just a touch of citrus oil or any oil with a great slip will help remove the hair without damage. 

Make sure that you comb out any small tangles where your hair has grown in.  This is where I see the most damage from hair extensions.  You haven't had the ability to release and tangles and knots that have been in the extensions so when you wash your hair with networks of tangles... you will lose hair regardless of the method you used to apply your hair extensions. 


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