Sunnys Q & A: Virgin Hair Dyed vs. Blonde Bohyme Hair Extensions

by Sunnys Girl June 30, 2016

Sunnys Q & A:  Virgin Hair Dyed vs. Blonde Bohyme Hair Extensions

Q. I really love Virgin Hair Extensions but I want I want it to be dyed blonde.  Should I buy the Virgin Hair or buy Bohyme or Le Prive that is already dyed?

A.  Virgin Hair Extensions are truly amazing because they have a natural hair texture that isn't too straight or too processed so it blends so seamlessly with so many different hair textures and curl patterns.'s natural to want to extend that same versatility and dye the hair.  After all, it's what all of our favorite celebrities and influencers do.  

But...most of us don't have their time or budget to have a custom color job done.  What we tend to love about Virgin hair is that its it's never been colored, blow dried, flat-iron, keratin treatment and then silver and then balayage back to a bronzed brunette you catch my drift...

When you start processing Virgin Indian hair you begin to compromise fine hair.  (Indian hair is way finer than Chinese hair which is why it blends so well) You also leave your new investment to the results of a stylist who may not be trained in coloring extensions (it's very different than coloring your own hair).

So if you decide to lift and color your Virgin Indian Hair,  just be aware that you can't necessarily guarantee the results.  Beautiful blonde hair is usually done over time with 3-4 different gradual color jobs before it is Instagram-worthy.  So..if you have 3 hours and you are running 15 minutes late for your hair appt it may not be the time to demand your stylist give you white blonde hair extensions. 

If you want blonde hair...I always suggest Bohyme or Le Prive Hair Extensions that already arrive the blondest color you desire.  You can have your stylist deposit a semi-permanent color towards the roots and paint in low lights (which is way easier and healthier for the extensions ).  

If you have any questions you would like to have answered about Hair Extensions or Hair Care please email, tweet or leave in the comments!  

Sunnys Girl
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