New Product Alert: Capellia Wefted Hair Extensions by Le Prive

by Sunnys Girl August 19, 2016

New Product Alert: Capellia Wefted Hair Extensions by Le Prive

Capellia Wefted Hair Extensions by Le Prive

Capellia Hair Extensions by Le Prive 

When we started selling Le Prive Hair Extensions a few years ago we sold it as an affordable alternative to 808 and 909 hair extensions which at the time were getting so expensive that it was entirely too cost prohibitive for a lot of our clients. 

But over time, even people who didn't mind paying more for 808 or 909 Hair Extensions started trying Le Prive Hair Extensions because all the stylists were raving about the quality of the hair and especially the quality of the tips for fusion hair extensions. So now Le Prive has surpassed 808 and 909 as our most preferred brand of strand by strand hair extensions from our top stylist. 

We were so excited when Le Prive debuted their new line of wefted hair extensions that is double drawn and 100% Remy hair.  

Why we Love Capellia by Le Prive 

  • Delicate and Flexible weft that is lightweight like hand tied hair but durable like machine wefted hair 
  • Gorgeous array of colors that aren't too golden or ashy
  • Blond tones to die for! 
" Color 18/24 is simply gorgeous.  It is a beautifully blended ashy blonde color" Roberta- Manager of Sunny's Mesa
  • Double Drawn hair so that the hair is long and thick from root to tip



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