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New Product Alert: Bohyme Seamless Weft..Hand Tied Hair Extensions you can Cut!

New Product Alert: Bohyme Seamless Weft..Hand Tied Hair Extensions you can Cut!

Bohyme Seamless Weft Hair Extensions 

Buy Bohyme Seamless Weft Hair Extensions

How much do you the love the invisibility and seamlessness of working with hand tied hair extensions?  That is, until you have to cut them.  It's been a complaint for years that hand tied hair extensions were perfect for those with fine hair, especially if they were blonde...but they were awkward to work with because they could not be cut!

So... when Bohyme introduced the new Seamless Weft with 40% smaller wefts that were thin like hand-tied hair extensions but could be cut to fit the exact dimensions you need! We were like when can we put this on our site!

The day is here and I just personally love these wefts!  Secure and malleable but lightweight and invisible.  It allows you to control the way you want to use the hair.  If you'd like to layer them for Natural Beaded Rows or add tape in hair extensions to them or...get this cut them to fit into beads or add Keratin to them for strand by strand hair extensions!

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Designed to address some of the challenges of the Natural Beaded Rows method of working with hand-tied hair extensions,  Seamless Weft already comes with rooted Ombre hair colors in 3 ombre tones to save time and expense of dying the hair to blend with your client's roots.  

Ombre Hair Extensions

The Ombre Hair Extensions Tones are to die for.  Done with gentle transitions that melt into one another, this hair is perfect as your client's hair starts to grow in.  My personal favorite color is T6/22 which starts with a warm ash color and melts into a platinum blonde. 

The seamless weft can be cut or altered without shedding or fraying.  Your client won't feel any annoying bunching at the roots because there is no return hair at the weft.  

Why We Are Loving Bohyme Seamless Weft 

  • 40% Lighter Than Traditional Wefts

  • Like a  Hand Tied Weft but you can cut them!

  • Gorgeous Ombre colors that blend with your hair as it grows in 

  • No Shedding or matting at the weft because the weft is machine made but extremely lightweight

  • You can use with Natural Beaded Rows Method or Add Tape Ins or beads 

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