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New Product Alert: Bohyme Clip In Hair Extensions

New Product Alert:  Bohyme Clip In Hair Extensions

Why we Love Bohyme Clip In Hair Extensions 

Recently I've just fallen back in love with Bohyme Clip In Hair Extensions.  Bohyme just released an amazing new set of Clip In Hair Extensions in Silky Straight that is gorgeously constructed and lightweight.

For over 10 years, my go-to brand of clip in hair extensions, especially for blondes was Lord & Cliff.  But recently we were blindsided by them declaring bankruptcy. I'm so glad that Bohyme decided to re-enter the clip in hair extension market with their latest offering of 7 Pieces Clip In Hair Extensions in 18" to replace Lord & Cliff 

Bohyme  Clip In Hair Extensions are made with the  same silky straight hair you love but they are ready to wear sewn onto small lightweight clips.

 Clip In Hair Extensions are the perfect introduction to hair extensions and I highly recommend them for brides, models and women who attend a lot of parties and events. 

They are great for occasions here and there. If you think you'd like to wear them on a regular basis then I would suggest trying Tape In Hair Extensions


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