Happy Mother's Day

by Dafina Smith May 12, 2017

Mother's Day Sale Virgin Indian Hair

My favorite holiday is Thanksgiving. I think what it has evolved to become is a beautiful thing, that try as they may they just can’t commercialize. It’s a beautiful thing to stop and take time out to simply give thanks and break bread with loved ones. 

But… Mother’s Day should be my favorite holiday. I work with my Mother, Lisa who is the real heart behind this business. She’s been a mother figure to countless women and friends of mine and if you ever met a force of nature….it’s my mother.

She raised 4 daughters and is a loving grandmother of 4.  She still runs Sunny’s like it is a classroom and she brings her passion and zeal as a special education teacher for over 25 years to each and every one of our stores.  We sell through education and we want our customers to be informed and helped.

Four years ago, I became a mother of twin boys.  The road to motherhood was paved with a high-risk bed-ridden pregnancy and preemie twins and for several years I have been at odds with my ambition and the reality of being a mother of young children.

Everyone told me that motherhood was hard and I coming into it I had a plan for everything.  I had google docs with spreadsheets, I had read all the books and watched all the videos and I prepared for twin motherhood the way one plans for a hurricane.

But… motherhood knocked the wind out of me. It still does. I’m amazed at how truly lonely, scary, exhilarating motherhood can be. I’ve written for other publications and done some interviews on how I balanced running a small business while starting a family and thought I’d pull back the curtains with our Sunny’s Girls in the hope that my experience can provide any tips, tricks or make you feel way better about how you are doing as a mom.

I want all of you to know how much it means to me that we have such an amazing group of customers who stuck with this business through very personally difficult times, and that I empathize with all of you amazing clients and customers who balance running a business, completing your education, running a salon and managing a family. 

For those of you aren’t moms, I also know the feeling of being shut out from women who bond around talking about their kids, and the stigma that society still places on women and their motherhood choices or circumstances and I just want to speak to you as well and say, thank you as well.

Happy Mother’s Day Sunny’s Girls!


Dafina Smith
Dafina Smith

Beautyprenuer based in NYC. Changing Hair... Changing Lives for a Quarter Century!

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