How to Find The Best Hair Extensions for your Wedding!

by Sunnys Girl May 23, 2017

Best Hair Extensions for your Wedding

Tips & Tricks to a Successful Wedding Hair Trial with Hair Extensions

Where to buy Hair Extensions for Wedding

Photo Courtesy of Instagram @HairbyJazzyBaker

It’s that season again… Wedding Season! For most women who have never considered hair extensions…like ever, this is the first time they seriously give any thought to getting hair extensions but like many brides I’ve met over the years, they have no idea where to begin or how to even begin the process of getting hair extensions for their wedding.

Have no fear…. Sunny’s is your trusted hairnista to guide you through the process. I’ve helped countless brides to be… so here’s the guide to getting the hair of your dreams for your wedding with hair extensions.

Bridal Hair Extensions

First things first… Pinterest and Instagram are your friend for bridal hair porn. Begin there. Find the photo you like and realize anything is possible, you don’t have to be bound by the constraints of your current hair thickness or length!

We found this gorgeous waterfall cascading curls with a braid on Instagram from an Arizona Hairstylist Jasmine Baker.  We highly recommend any Arizona bride giving her a call to set up a consultation for your wedding.  She's certified in NBR and she can work with all types of hair extensions. 

Pine for the long hair that makes braids, buns, and sideswipes possible? Good news -- any of the romantic styles taking front stage at  Bridal Fashion Week this year are possible through professional hair extensions. Just as false lashes add drama to your eyes, extensions provide length and fullness that helps you stand out in photographs.

To do it right, start with a trial run 4-6  weeks before the big day arrives, scheduling the appointment just before a pre-wedding photo shoot or another event. At the trial, your stylist might recommend clip-in extensions, tape-in hair extensions or an elastic circular band known as "halo hair. (my personal favorite for brides)“ All three types can be hidden inside your natural hair so seamlessly that no one would ever guess they're there. Here are a few more tips for that perfect result:

Best Clip In Hair Extensions for your wedding

Color Matching

Latest trends in bridal hair colors range from highlights and Ombres to rich brunette and amber tones. To ensure the extensions are a natural-looking blend to your real hair, precise color-matching is a must. You or your stylist can begin the process by emailing your photo to one of our color-matching experts at Sunny’s who will customize a formula especially for your extensions. You can also upload the photo in a chat session on Facebook Messenger or tag us in an Instagram post and get an immediate response. Make sure that, in the photo you send, your hair is the same color you want to match to the extensions.


Are you hoping to adorn your hairstyle with some of the gorgeous hair jewelry and tiny flowers or want to experiment with a Grecian Braid? Extensions give you the body and texture you need to keep them in place. But keep in mind when they first come out of the package they are stick straight with little to no texture added in.  At the hair trial, your stylist will identify the proper texture and degree of curl for the new hair. You'll also work together on ideas for the best wedding day style and discuss how to handle morning-to-evening transitions. When the extensions are a good textual match to your own hair, multiple styles are possible. A loose braid worn in the morning ceremony, for example, can be released into long waves for the reception.


You need to have a really clear idea of what style you will want if you are going to go with more permanent hair extensions. Clip In Hair Extensionsgive you the most versatility and flexibility to change your mind.  But if you get Tape In Hair Extensions or Strand by Strand extensions and especially Sew In Extensions they will dictate which styles you will be able to pull off without revealing your extensions.  So you need to be very clear on the exact parting and flow that you want your hair to have on your wedding day.  

The more you opt for a dramatic change in color or length the less flexibility you will have on your wedding day if you end up changing your mind. 

If you aren't sure where to start...we've created a Bridal Hair Extensions Collection that hand picks our favorite products for Brides on their special day.



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