How Does Virgin Indian Hair Look?

by Sunnys Girl January 13, 2017

What does Virgin Hair Look Like

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In the past few years, there has been an explosion of options of where to purchase so-called Virgin Hair Extensions.  In that explosion, alot of misinformation has been used to sell women sub-par hair that isn't Virgin, isn't Indian and is barely human hair. 

So, when I was sitting at Soho House in Manhattan with a group of sophisticated New York women, I must confess I was shocked that they weren't aware of how Virgin Hair extensions should look like when you buy it online.  They mentioned that they were appalled that they recently bought hair extensions that had a few split ends and gray hairs. 

I told them, that after selling Indian Hair for 10 years that I love it when there are a few split ends or even 1 or 2 grey hairs in a bundle of Virgin Indian Hair.  Why?  Because it shows that it hasn't been dyed with harsh dyes, or chemically processed to mimic what healthy hair looks like by coating it with silicones or synthetic agents.  

Just to clarify Virgin Hair means hair that has never been chemically processed for texture or color 

Remy Hair means that all of the cuticles in the hair are intact and aligned in the same direction ( so that it won't tangle but Remy does not mean that it hasn't been chemically processed) Sometimes this is also referred to as cuticle hair. 


5 Things to Look For to Know You Have Virgin Indian Hair

1. Virgin Indian Hair bundles will and should have split ends.  

This is surprising for some but trust me... you want hair that looks realistic and HUMAN so that it blends.

Hair extensions should not appear perfect because if you look at most women, even those with what you'd consider "perfect hair"  it isn't, there might be a few split ends or ends that taper from normal breakage.  

2. Virgin Indian Hair should not be one color.

Virgin Indian hair since it has never been colored is usually close to an off black or dark brown.  But it should never be one uniform color.  Only products that have been dyed with dyes or bleach will appear to have one color.  What you should look for when you buy Virgin hair is that the hair has low lights and some subtle highlights.  If you hold it to the light you might see mahogany or reddish tint to the hair. 

3. Bundles might have a grey hair or two

The average woman starts having grey hair at 35.  So, it shouldn't be surprising to see one or two grey hairs in your bundle. Most factories are diligent and take the time to remove all of the grey hairs but if you see one or two it should just affirm for you that you are indeed buying Virgin Indian Hair. 

4. Microscopically Scaly Hair 

Under a microscope, Virgin Indian Hair will appear to have scales that are lying flat on top of one another.  This means that all of the cuticles are intact and haven't been bleached off or chemically removed.  When the scales are all flat and lying in the same direction it provides long lasting and tangle free hair extensions.

5. Virgin Indian Hair should not be shiny.

Virgin Indian Hair should have a natural sheen but it should not look too perfect or shiny. If it is does it is usually because it has been coated with synthetic fillers that eventually wash off to reveal non-remy and non-virgin hair that starts to act like a wild growing bush.  (You've all seen it)  It's a mess and not only does it not look nice, a lot of those chemicals used to coat the hair seep into your hair follicles and contribute to losing your hair at the follicle.

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