How Can I Stop Strand by Strand Hair Extensions from Tangling at the Root?

by Sunnys Girl August 26, 2016

How Can I Stop Strand by Strand Hair Extensions from Tangling at the Root?

Q. How Can I Prevent my Hair Extensions from Tangling at the Roots for my Strand by Strand Hair Extensions?


Imagine you've had a long night out or an epic day at the beach, you went to bed with wet hair and now your precious strand by strand hair extensions created a tangled web of knots and tangle near your scalp!  It's a hairnista's nightmare!

Tangling hair at the roots is the biggest factor in determining how long you can leave in your strand by strand extensions.  So in order to protect your investment, I've outlined the 3 causes of tangling and 6 tips to prevent tangling and protect your investment!

3 Causes of Tangling 

  1. Poor Application:  It's important to visit a certified hair extension specialist when you get strand by strand extensions.  It's important to bricklayer extensions so that vertical rows of hair extensions aren't placed directly on top of one another.  Quick tip: make sure you tell your stylist what side of your head you sleep on... this way she can make sure that she doesn't overload that area with too many strands. 
  2.  Sleeping with Damp or Wet Extensions:  This is huge! If you don't have time to allow your hair extensions to completely dry at the roots don't wash your hair at night.  When you go to sleep with damp or wet your hair can dry with funny kinks that make your hair extensions alignment appear bulky and uneven. 
  3. Daily Separation of Bonds:  As your new hair grows in it isn't in the bonds of your strand by strand extensions and it begins to tangle on top of your bonds.  You must separate the bonds each and every night, row by row. Think of it as flossing.  If you floss daily, you avoid all of the awful effects of plaque buildup.  If you separate your bonds nightly this, more than anything else will ensure that you keep in your hair extensions as long as four months. 

6 Tips to Prevent Tangling 

  1. Only wash your hair when you have time for it to completely dry before going to bed.  It's better to use dry shampoo to extend your strand by strand hair extensions one more day than risk messing them up for good!
  2. Make sure you go to a certified hair extension specialist.  Hair Extensions are not taught in all cosmetology schools so you want to go to someone who was trained and certified by a third party...not someone who learned off of YouTube.
  3. Secure your hair in a tight braid when swimming 
  4. Separate your extensions every night before bed and secure in a bun, braid or flexirod at night so that the bonds stay in place and secure
  5. Use a hair extension loop brushto brush your hair extensions!
  6. When washing your hair extensions don't agitate or vigorously wash your roots and hair extensions bonds.  Dilute shampoo in water bottles and apply to the bonds and apply with a color application bottle.  Consider washing your own strand by strand hair extensions at home when you go to a blow dry bar or any stylist that isn't a hair extension specialist!

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