Finding The Best Hair Extension Supplier for Hair Extension Stylists

Finding The Best Hair Extension Supplier for Hair Extension Stylists

How to Get the Best from Your Hair Extension Distributor

As a hair extension specialist, you know that your work is only as good as the quality of the hair with which you work.

Hopefully, you’ve chosen your hair extension distributor because of the quality products they offer and because of how they work with you and not solely on price.

Working with a distributor can mean so much more for your business than just refilling your inventory. Amazing distributors should share the same vision about service and quality as you do.

At we are passionate about providing all the necessary tools to provide the best hair at the best price to your clients.

We invite all licensed stylists or salon managers to apply for a salon account with us.  But… we hope you know that it should only be the first step in creating a true relationship with us as your hair extension supplier.


Hair Extensions Training & Education

New methods of hair extensions come out year after year, some are gimmicky and other are just plain brilliant.  When we find a method that we stand behind we want to teach it to the best stylists out there!  We offer hands-on hair extensions classes that are taught in New York, Atlanta, Phoenix and Chicago.  But, if you want to do hands one on one classes or a class taught in your salon.  

Exclusive Sales & Promotions

We offer a standard 10% discount to licensed stylists.  But we also offer exclusive private sales and promotions to stylists who apply to be a Sunny’s Stylists.  With our discounts you can use them to purchase hair for your client, and keep the difference as your commission or service fee, or share the discount with your clients as a perk.  We also offer exclusive access to Bohyme Luxe, a line of products designed exclusively from single batch single donor hair.  

Business Support

We have a dedicated Stylist Account Manager,  who has extensive experience with Natural Beaded Rows Hair Stylists and expert knowledge of growing social media for Salon Brands.  Upon applying for a Salon Account she reaches out personally to onboard you to the brand and aligns you with the best products for your hair extension clientele.  Whether you need help matching for color or texture, she can help answers questions to partner with you to grow your hair extension business.  


The Inner Circle

At Sunny’s, we work closely with countless beauty brands, stylists, and influencers. Our goal is to build a community and we do that by working with stylists on events, fashion shows and media opportunities that help us convey our brand and our vision. Together, we can build better businesses and a stronger beauty community.

Social Media Collaboration & Content Partnership

We love visual social media.  We love gorgeous photos for Instagram, helpful tutorials for YouTube and incredibly educational or insightful blog articles!  But… we just sell the hair so we need amazing stylists to work with us to bring our products to life.  So apply for a Salon Account and take the first step towards creating a true relationship and partnership with your hair extension supplier.




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