Favorite New Hair Extension Method: Natural Beaded Rows with Hand Tied Bohyme Hair!

by Sunnys Girl June 17, 2016

Bohyme Hand Tied Hair Extensions

Hand Tied Bohyme Hair Extensions

I've been selling hair extensions long enough to truly believe that "where there is a will there is a weave".  I've seen many methods of hair extensions come and go. Some of those methods were ultimately damaging to client's hair or too time-consuming. 

In the past few years, I have become a huge fan of Halo Hair Extensions.  The extensions are lightweight have no clips, glue or tape but they aren't a permanent method.  For some women, that just isn't an option!

For women who needed a non-damaging but more permanent solution for thinning hair I used to recommend the Malaysian Method.  Where machine wefted hair extensions are sewn onto beads.   I love this method...but something wasn't perfect about it.  The tracks would sometimes slip and it was hard to create a lot of volume without adding a lot of bulk to the client's hair.

So...along comes a method that has taken the West Coast by storm... sewing hand tied hair onto a row of silicone lined beads. There are many different names for this method but the most familiar name is Natural Beaded Rows

Essentially, Natural Beaded rows use silicone lined beads to create an anchor foundation along your scalp without applying direct tension to your hair.  Then several rows of Bohyme Hand Tied Hair Extensions are applied on one or two beaded rows to create a thick mane of hair that still appears natural. 

The method of application is just the first step to making these magical results.  A lot of care and artistry is involved by trained stylists who learn how to deposit roots with demi-permanent hair and paint in balayage or low-lights so that it blends seamlessly with the hair.  

The key to Natural Beaded Rows is using Hand-Tied Bohyme Hair Extensions to ensure gorgeous dimension and a non-bulky but secure point of attachment.

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