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Braid Bar & Halos = Hair Heaven

Braid Bar & Halos = Hair Heaven

Braid Bar featuring Halos by Legends!

We've been putting the finishing touches on our favorite type of Hair Extensions... Halo Hair Extensions so we recently hosted an event at our Sunny's Mesa location to merge our two obsessions of the moment...braids & Halos! 

Braid Bar for Hair Extensions in Arizona

The Sunny's  Braid Bar featured three of Arizona's top stylists: @bladeshair@ashleypaigecollective, and @antestradahair 💕  working their magic with boho inspired braids and life giving magic of Halo's.

Why Halo Hair Extensions & Braids are a Match Made in Heaven 

  • Halo hair extensions are undetectable around the hairline so it provides the perfect method to pull back your hair around the perimeter without ever exposing that you have extensions in 
  • Braids are the perfect escape from beating the heat during Summer's full intensity.  When you want to give the drama of extra length but can't quite take the extra heat hair extensions can emit...what's better than a loose braid taking the hair off of the back of your neck?!...but seriously...Arizona summer's require some serious heat relief!
  • Braids can often hide the shorter pieces of your hair that may not blend perfectly with your halo extensions! 

Halo Hair Extensions perfect for braids

Tips & Tricks for the perfect Braid and Halos

  • Dry Shampoo is your friend! You'll want something to add a little texture to the braid and it will eliminate the flyaways!  The stylists used Good Hair Days No H20 to add some weight to the client's hair and absorb any oils at the scalp too
  • Use smaller braids to create collections of braids and don't be afraid to mix and match the types of braids.  A fishtail layered on a dutch braid gives dimension to your braids
  • Don't be afraid to mess up the braid, you need to pull apart some sections to create variations on the width and flow of the braid to achieve an on-trend braid
  • Use barrettes, headbands, scarves and other adornments to break up your braid and add a bit of glam, touch of faerie or a lot of boho.

Braids with Halo Hair Extensions

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