8 Easy Ways To Care For Curly Hair

8 Easy Ways To Care For Curly Hair

1.Skip The Shampoo

Even though there are tons of sulfate-free and gentle shampoos on the market really can just use conditioner to wash your hair.....aka cowashing. Conditioner is great for cleaning curly hair because it will help with moisturizing your curls. 

For even more hydration and healthy curls, add deep conditioning to your wash routine.

2.Style & Detangle When Wet

The easiest way to detangle and style your hair is when it is wet. Styling dry curly hair is forbidden!

Pro tip:Use a wide-toothed comb and detangle your hair while you have conditioner in it.

3.Let Air Dry

Air drying is the perfect way for your hair to retain moisture and really boost natural curls. If you need to get rid of excess water consider using a microfiber towel or a t-shirt.

4.Leave Your Curls Alone

Once your hair is styled, just don't touch it! Playing in your hair can cause major frizz.

5.Ditch The Heat

The more heat you apply to your hair, the more you will ruin your curl pattern, so try to limit how often you blow dry and straighten your hair with a flat iron...heat damage sucks!

6. Use Curl Specific Products & Tools

Make sure that any product you use is made for curly hair specifically. This will help boost your curls, hydration and also help against frizz. Play around with the different brands and formulas to come up with your signature hair products.....we suggest starting with good old coconut oil!

7. Don't Pull At Tiny Tangles

You know those annoying single strand knots...use fine scissors (like the one you use to trim your brows) to trim them instead of pulling at them to prevent split ends.

8. Protect Your Hair At Nights

A satin pillow case is your best friend because it doesn't suck the moisture from your hair.  Another great way to protect your curls at night is to wrap them in a high bun....this will keep the moisture in and keep your curls looking fresh in the morning.

Is there anything we left out? What curly hair products are you loving? We'd love to hear from you!


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