How To Clean Your Hair Tools

How To Clean Your Hair Tools

We rely on our beauty tools to keep our hair looking good, no matter what! But because we use them so often they are bound to get dirty from things like product buildup and dust.

We can easily tell when tools like our combs and brushes are dirty but what about our blow dryers?

Here are a few tips for cleaning your tools so that they can keep working well so that your hair will always look amazing!



Twist off the panel at the back of your blowdryer where the vent is (most blowdryers should allow you to do this). Then using a soft cloth wipe the dirt out.

Curling Iron/ Flat Iron

curling iron

Use a damp cloth and wipe down the shaft of these tools to get rid of any product buildup.

Combs and Brushes

hair brush

Using warm soapy water soak and wash your tools, then use a toothbrush to get in between the teeth to get out any gunk and buildup.

Rollers and Rods

hair rods

Soak and wash your rods and rollers in warm soapy water to remove dirt and product buildup.

Quick Tip:

For a quick clean, you can always spray a mixture of water and vinegar or diluted alcohol on your tools.


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