7 Tips For Gorgeous Hair Extensions

by Sunnys Girl January 22, 2016

7 Tips For Gorgeous Hair Extensions

style blogger xo lysandra
So today we reached out to Style Blogger, XO Lysandra from xolysandra.com to get the dish on how she keeps her hair extensions looking good and maintaining healthy natural hair.
We asked her to give us her best hair tips and this is what she had to say:

Be Realistic

"I think that extensions should compliment your overall look.....just like how you have to find your right shade and blend things out when you're wearing makeup, you need to find your right match with your extensions.  Make sure your hair texture matches your hair extensions, keep the volume in check and always check to see that your installments are covered."

Own It

"Everyone knows you're wearing extensions and no one cares. So just own it and do what you want. If you want to change your wig every other day or go between extensions and your natural hair, then do that...just do what you want. Hair extensionsare just an accessory that you can wear whenever and however you want!"

Don't Sacrifice Your Natural Hair

"Never mess up your natural hair for a hair style because the better your hair looks the better your extensions will look. Wear wigs or get closures if you want to really protect your natural hair from styles that either don't match your texture or that require a lot of heat or chemical processing."

Invest In Quality Hair Extensions

"It makes such a difference when you invest in quality hair extensions or wigs. If you wear extensions frequently just make the sacrifice because you will look so much better and it is a way better investment....one that you don't have to keep replacing."

Always Protect Your Hair At Night

"You don't have to wrap your hair up or anything like that but you can use a satin pillow case and keep your hair together in a braid or a top knot so that your hair won't be all over the place when you're asleep. Protecting your hair from bed head reduces dryness, fuzziness and split ends....and makes it easier to style in the morning!"

Experiment on Your Hair Extensions

"If there's a style you want to try, especially something really dramatic and different from anything you've ever done, do it with hair extensions first. Test it out to see if you really like it and give yourself the option of not having to commit to any one style permanently."

Keep Your Hair Clean

I'm sure you know about proper hygiene already but dirty hair doesn't look good and doesn't style well. If your hair is too greasy and has too much buildup it will not hold curls and it can appear limp and lifeless.
Sunnys Girl
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