4 Stunning Hair Trends To Try In 2016

4 Stunning Hair Trends To Try In 2016

Kerry Washington hair

Bangs & A Bob

The bangs and bob combo is definitely a sexy and mature one to try. Winter really is the best time to rock bangs but we suspect that shorter hair, whether you wear it bluntly like Khloe Kardashian or soft and wavy like will be turning heads! 

JLO hair


Highlights definitely won the hair game in 2015 and we just know that super blended and rich highlights will be just as popular in 2016.
Adding highlights gives your hair and especially long hair extensions really nice dimension and fullness. Done right, it's a work of break up the monochrome and go lighter!
Kendall Jenner

Knots & Twists

High or low, top knots and twists are the way to go! They are so chic and really place emphasis on your face and your give the long hair a break, pull your hair back and wrap it up!

Bonus: this is the perfect hair-do for bad hair days or when you are short on time!

braided hairstyle


We are loving this trend for is both playful and super chic! Braids make a statement and really amp up any hair do.



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