Holiday Gift Guides: Makeup Tutorials

Holiday Gift Guides:  Makeup Tutorials

Holiday Makeup Tutorial

Just when you put away your Halloween Costume... you look wake up to Christmas Decorations and music everywhere.

So...of course we are getting in on the action as well.  But we thought we'd help you figure out the perfect gifts to get your friends and family this Holiday Season.  

Makeup Tutorials are perfect gifts for women of all ages and stages of life because let's be honest most of us fall somewhere between:

  1. We are doing the same makeup routine we learned at 17 from a Fashion Fair or Clinique Counter 
  2. We've watched every contouring tutorial on You Tube. Pinned  a million makeup step by step and follow over 90 MUA on Instagram and yet our face is never quite "on fleek"

For our NYC and Tri-State Area Sunny's Girls we have a very special offer for you.  Danielle a NYC Makeup Artist is offering a one hour Makeup Tutorial Special for Sunny's Girls for $50!

Her makeup tutorial involves coming to your house and going through your existing makeup toolkit and helping you achieve the makeup look you desire based on what you currently have and then helping you identify the makeup and  tools you need to complete their personal kit. 

If you want to knock the socks off of your gift recipient include a gift card to Sephora to complete the experience. If you'd like to book a session with Danielle email her directly and to learn more about Danielle follow her on Instagram @danieandthebloom



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