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6 Tips for Seamlessly Blending in your Hair Extensions

Hair extensions are seriously #lifechanging.  You can induldge a significant change of your hair without truly committing to that change with your own hair. Also, extensions allow us to enjoy longer hair without having to wait for too long for our own hair to grow. So, they are more than perfect when you want to mix up your look because they are easy to use and perfect for those with commitment issues. 

But, #goals is for your hair extensions to look natural and for your hair extensionsto never be visible. So we've gathered 6 time-tested tips (25 years teaches you some things ) that will help you seamlessly blend in your hair extensions, for a gorgeous and natural effect.

1. Don’t go for extensions that are too much longer than your natural hair

While you may be tempted to think that the longer the extensions will be, the better your look will get, the truth is that extensions that are too long will not look natural. No matter how good you blend them in, you won’t manage to make the edge of your natural hair disappear. So, choose the length of the extensions according to the length of your natural hair. If your hair is no longer than your shoulders, hair extensions between 16 to 18 inches in length will be enough, while longer hair could accommodate extensions between 20 to 24 inches in length.

2. Trim your extensions to match the cut you are wearing

You will hardly find hair extensions that will perfectly match your haircut, so be careful when working with double drawn hair extensionswith blunt ends, which allow you to customize them according to the cut you’re wearing. Just take your hair extensions to your hair stylist and ask him or her to cut your extensions, in the same manner, you cut your hair, for a perfect blend in. We recommend point cutting or use a razor when cutting extensions to allow for natural tapering and breakage of your own hair. When you are styling your hair, treat your natural hair as the shortest layer of your cut, styling it away from your face.

3. Add color and highlights if necessary

If you want your hair extensions to go unnoticed, you need to color them the way your hair is colored. This means to use the same hair dye you use to color your hair or create highlights on your extensions if you have them.  Our favorite tip is to smudge the roots with an ash based low-light especially for blonde hair extensions.  This will allow your roots to blend better with your hair extensions as your roots grow in. 
Your stylist can help you with this process, or you can handle it on your own. If you do it on your own, be sure to strand test and we love brands like E-Salon for at home hair color. 

4. Use a curling iron or flat iron to create the desired style

Hair extensions can be treated in the same manner as natural hair, so if you like using the curling iron or flat iron to style your hair, you can do the same even if you’re wearing hair extensions. In fact, it would be even recommended to use a curling iron if you have a hard time blending your shorter natural hair with the longer extensions. Curling them together will make the difference less noticeable. But, if you are a fan of straight silky hair, a flat iron, and adequate styling products will help you out, with the mention that the hair extensions should not be significantly longer than your natural hair.  Be sure to use a thermal protectant and shine spray to smooth the transition between your hair and your hair extensions.  We love Good Hair Days Shine Spray

5. Wash the extensions before wearing them

When your hair extensions will arrive, they will look amazing. They will have a great glossy look and you’ll be tempted to use them right away. Well, regardless if their shine is beautiful, in comparison with your natural hair, the glossy look of the hair extensions will look unnatural. But you can solve this issue very simple, by washing the extensions before wearing them. Use a moisturizing shampoo and a bit of a lightweight conditioner, and let the extensions to dry naturally overnight. They’ll be ready to use in the morning and their natural texture and tone will be revealed. That natural texture without all of the conditioning agents will blend way more seamlessly with your own hair.  It also can help identify potential issues with hair extensions if it doesn't pass the "wash test"

6. You don’t have to wear the whole set

A set of clip in hair extensions comes with sufficient wefts to suit even those women that have very thick hair. But, if your hair is not thick, you will notice that using only a part of the wefts is more than enough to create a beautiful natural look. When clipping in your hair extensions, it is highly important to follow the shape of your head. Thus, start by clipping in the medium-sized wefts at the back of the head, in the lowest part. Then, take the longest wefts and clip them to the sides, in the widest part of your head. And, finally, the shortest of them should be clipped near your temples.


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