Halloween: Sunny's Girl Style

Halloween:  Sunny's Girl Style

Halloween done right is a holiday that involves a lot of preparation and a lot of fake stuff... you know extensions..butts. So as we creep into October we thought we'd give some Halloween inspiration.

1. Cookie Lyon: She can be so fun.  Grab your long and wavy wigs and leopard fur and anything sparkly and shiny and own her Boss B status on Empire. 

2. A Screen Queen:  Pick up a cheap and too short faux Chanel suit from your nearest Forever 21 and add a dollop of snark and you'll be a spot on 

3, Tried and true: Princess Jasmine.  This is one of my personal favorite Halloween costumes.  You'll need lots and lot of hair extensions to achieve this we included a great Pin showing a step by step of getting your Princess Jasmine Braid.

If you need help with any Halloween ideas be sure to drop in to your closest Sunnys Store and be sure to take advantage of our Halloween Sale with up to 40% off select wigs during the rest of the month of October.


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