5 Tips to Pick the Best Hair Extension Method for You

by Sunnys Girl July 28, 2016

5 Tips to pick the best hair extensions for you

Hair Extensions are the ultimate accessory...but sometimes, let's be honest; it feels like a necessity.  

Two years ago I had twins and I lost my entire hairline post -pregnancy.  No matter how much people warn you it will happen it feels like a sudden shock.

Or perhaps it's a miscommunication when a bob your stylist hears a razored mullet when you said a razored bob...the week before a wedding with "that" ex as a guest.  

Whatever the trauma, we've counseled women through countless incidents over the years leading a woman to try hair extension or wigs. 

Not every method is best for your situation.  So we've outlined the best hair extensions solution for every hair dilemma or #hairgoal

Kim Kardashian Damaged Hair extensions

1. Your Hair is Breaking or Chemically Damaged

Your hair is fatigued and you need to avoid adding any stress to it.  The best solution is to put away your hair in a wig.  

 A human hairlacefront wigis a great option that allows you to give your hair time to recover from the damage.  The secret for an amazing wig is to take it to your stylist and have them remove the density (tip: ask them to remove about 30% of the density especially towards the crown).  Leave out a little of your hair around the hairline to give the illusion that it is yours.  Make sure you baby your hair underneath by using deeply moisturizing products to heal the damage to your hair.  Within 3-6 months you should be able to say goodbye to the wig and find a haircut that gets rid of the damaged hair.  Make sure you trim your hair every 4-6 weeks while you are wearing the wig. 

Thinning Edges on Hair Extensions

2. Thinning Edges 

I've been here! These are precious follicles that you want to baby.  Once they are gone it's hard for them to come back.  A lot of women think a wig or a frontal is a good idea to hide the edges while you wait for them to grow back.  WRONG.  You don't need any added tension or rubbing around this area.  

The best solution:  a top piece. A top piece or a closurewill add some volume to the top or your hair without putting direct pressure on the hairline.  A side swept bang blended in with a halo hairpiece can create a soft natural appearance.  Consult a doctor if you are worried that your thinning edges are medically related.  There are a lot of options that are available to you beyond hair extensions or wigs. 

3. You Want a Drastic Color Change 

If you really want to change up your hair color but you aren't sure that your hair will lift to the color you want then consider a great wig.  But if you are determined to show your own hairline  Sew In Hair Extensions is a great method for switching up hair color.  You can leave out a tiny amount of your hair at your part and use an ombre technique so that the color will look natural as your hair grows out over the course of your sew in.  If you are lifting more than 4 levels consider using a closure.

4. You Want to Mix It Up for a Night or Two

Save yourself time and money and grab a set of clip in extensions.  In fact, I think every woman should own a set of clip in extensions.  Opt for a length that is 4-6" longer than your longest layer for a natural appearance without needing to cut or blend the clip ins. But if you want dramatic change you can go as long as you want but be sure to blend the hair either by adding waves, curls or cutting in blending layers.

Kerry Washington Hair Extensions

5. You Want Thicker Longer Hair that is Just Like Your Hair 

Let's say you love your hair.. you just wish it was a little thicker or longer.  If you love the texture that it is and you don't heat style your hair to achieve the texture you desire then consider Tape In Extensions or Pre-Tipped Extensions.  Tape In Extensions are great when you just want a little more volume and length but don't need your extensions to last months and months.  Pre-Tipped Extensionsare definitely a bigger time and financial commitment but provide seamless long lasting volume and length. 

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