Sunny's Hair Q & A: How do I take care of my Wavy Virgin Indian Hair?

Sunny's Hair Q & A:  How do I take care of my Wavy Virgin Indian Hair?

Virgin Indian Hair Q & A

Q. This is a recent question about Virgin Indian Hair Maintenance from a new Sunny's Girl


I recently ordered two bundles of natural wave Indian hair.  I noticed on the brochure it says use "water and not oil" to refresh the hair upon receipt. It also recommends that I mix water with conditioner and spray onto the hair.  However,  at the bottom of the passage,  it also recommends that I use Argan Oil and nail glue?!! I am very confused with the instructions. Can you please explain what I should do to the hair before installation in a more comprehensive way?



If you order Indian Hair from Sunny's Hair we have a brochure that outlines how to take care of your Indian Hair Extensions. The type of Indian hair we sell is Virgin Hair which means in order for the hair to be sold it can never have been colored or chemically treated.  

Stacey ordered Wavy Indian Hair which is my all time personal favorite type of Virgin Indian Hair because this hair is virtually never ever processed even steam curled to define the tighter curls like the Curly or Kinky Indian Hair.  Because of this when you find the right bundle it can be magical.  The key is to leave it alone.  A lot of people who wear hair extensions tend to be heavy handed on coloring, heat styling or product manipulating of hair.  This hair usually needs none of that.  So in the brochure when I mention the hair needs water not oil to refresh the hair it means if you applying oil to the hair daily to try and revitalize the wave pattern it will look greasy, limp and dare I say it... fake!

I recommend water for refreshing hair because water is the best source of moisture. But...because a lot of people's water around the country is "hard" or contains a lot of minerals that harden the hair, I recommend diluting a tiny bit of conditioner in the water to counterbalance the hard water...which can also dry out hair over time. 

Now...if you do want to use an oil when you want a sleeker or a subtle shine to the hair I recommend Argan Oil because it is lightweight and easily absorbed into the hair.  I only recommend using a tiny amount however. 

As for the hair glue... that really isn't necessary since the bundles on our Indian Hair Extensions have been reinforced with glue at the weft to make sure the hair doesn't shed.  But... if you do a lot of cutting when you are sewing in your extensions you will have created a lot of loose seams on the edges of each row which can provide a point of unraveling over time.  So I recommend using a tiny bit of nail glue to secure the edges of the hair on the weft only.  Most hair stylists can take care of this for you. 


I hope this helps!  If you have any questions about hair extensions please email us 


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