Sunny's Glam Bag Winner - Stylist Ashley Paige (IG @spanishdreamgirl)

by Sunnys Girl June 27, 2015

Sunny's Glam Bag Winner - Stylist Ashley Paige (IG @spanishdreamgirl)

We would like to thanks and congratulate to our June Instagram contest winner Ashley Paige! Stylist and loyal Sunny's Hair client Ashley took a little time out to answer a few questions that every hairinista would want to know...

1. What hair trends are you loving right now?

Currently I'm loving the pastel and metallic hair color trends. They're a new and exciting approach to getting fun fashion colors without the intensity of the bright neon look. It's almost a natural look to fun colors. Since the pastels are lighter shades they fade a bit quicker which is great for people who don't want the long term commitment to something, or those who like to change it up frequently!

2. Who or what do you look to for inspiration in the hair and beauty industry?

I use Instagram a lot for tips from other pros and to watch what is trending in the world. Hair is a statement of fashion, so I look to those who are trendsetters in Hollywood, the high fashion scene, and the hairstylist and makeup artists who are behind the scenes making those people beautiful everyday.

3.  How do you keep your hair healthy while experimenting with it so much?

I am a huge advocate of Olaplex. I use that in all of my color as well as doing stand alone treatments between color services. In addition to this, I do weekly deep conditioning masques using Shu Eumura's Ultimate Remedy line, I follow this with Biomega's Behave leave in conditioner (which is my favorite product) BEFORE combing the hair out when wet, after the comb out I use a serum/oil of some sort (usually Aquage's Silkening Oil or Silkening Oil Foam). Then daily between washing I apply a serum/oil on my dry hair before and after combing it out in the morning to keep it hydrated. I don't use a lot of heat on my hair I usually let it air dry after applying my products. If I do use heat I make sure the heat setting is lower and appropriate for my current hair. Meaning I'm blonde now, blondes are more fragile, you shouldn't use the highest heat settings. The heat tools I use are all made by Solano and are very well made to protect the hair and give the best results. I braid my hair before sleep at night to prevent excessive tangling that I would have to fight with in the morning when brushing.

Blonde Hair Extensions

4. What is your tip for DIY harinistas that want to experiment with color and hair extensions?

As a professional I do not advise anyone who is not licensed to color their own hair or their hair extensions. There is SO much science behind the art of hair coloring and if someone doesn't know the ins and outs they could severely damage their hair or the extensions resulting in spending way more than it would've originally cost to just have your hair done professionally. I feel the same way about hair extension applications. Just save yourself the time, headache, and potential harm to you or your hair and seek out a professional.

5. Where or how can our readers book appointments with you ?

I work at a salon in Scottsdale, Arizona, which is a smaller city in Phoenix, called ETCH Salon. You can call the salon and book an appointment with me 480-483-7777. Make sure you ask for Paige. I go by Paige which is my middle name. My Instagram is @spanishdreamgirl (a name my boyfriend gave to me :) ) My Facebook page is

My email is

Any of those options will work to get ahold of me!


6. What makes you a loyal Sunny's Girl?

I worked at the Mesa location for a few years while I attended Paul Mitchell the School Phoenix. I learned everything I know about extensions and wigs there. I adore the team, they always take such good care of me. The quality of the Virgin Indian hair is the best out there and I know I can always trust it. The information I obtained working at Sunny's helped me grow into a very knowledgable stylist when it comes to that industry and for that I will always be a Sunny's Girl! 

Sunnys Girl
Sunnys Girl

Lover of all things beauty...but especially hair. Grew up working in her family's hair supply store and now runs the website! Writes fun and interesting commentary for hairnistas around the world.

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