Open Letter to the LGBT Community

by Dafina Smith June 29, 2015

Open Letter to the LGBT Community


I often write posts from the perspective of we but this particular post truly goes beyond a brand speaking to their target audience or branding and really just is a direct personal letter that I have felt compelled to write.  So... feel free to not read, press delete; this message truly isn't for everyone.

With June being LGBT Pride Month and Marriage ruled a right to all Americans I felt compelled to write an open letter about how instrumental the LGBT has been in supporting my family's business over the 22 years we've been in business.  

My stepfather was raised in a country that didn't even have a word for homosexuality in their language.  When he came to New York City in the 1970's he checked into the YMCA.   The first bar that he was ever invited to was a gay bar.  Even he in his cultural ignorance was able to see that what a beautiful country we live in that everyone has a place to be WHO they are as they are.  That night he danced the night away and over the years he has taught us that we were in no position to judge anyone for their sexuality.  

As he built Sunny's Hair in Minneapolis the gay community supported his store over the decades.  Sunny's Hair & Wigs was voted best Gay Friendly business for years and it was a huge source of pride for all of us but especially Sunny.  He admired the LGBT community and told us to treat everyone with kindness and that no one of us were to cast judgements on our patrons whether it was a transexual or a cross dresser it didn't matter we were to treat everyone with open hearts.

Beyond being patrons of our just our family's business many of the people who create beauty in our lives are also members of the LGBT community.   I've often bristle at the hypocrisy I've seen in women who only trusted the LGBT community to do their hair, style their clothes and direct their church choir but  would turn around & judge or discriminate against them in the next breath.  Yet I too have been witness to countless scoffs, taunting and bullying of the LGBT community over my lifetime.  I was  not always the most vocal advocate over the years and for that I'm not proud in fact it's shameful. 

But it does bring to my eyes as a mother to think of the gains the LGBT community has made in the past decades.  From Ireland legalizing Gay Marriage to Caitlyn Jenner being on the cover of Vanity Fair I can recognize that my sons will live in a world where they will be judged on many things but who they choose to love will not be one of those things. 

I would also personally just like to thank our countless managers, staff members and clientele who are LGBT for decades of being such an integral part of Sunnys Hair & Wigs.  It's been joy to count some of you as my close confidants and see what beauty and splendor you have put forth into this world.



Dafina Smith 



Dafina Smith
Dafina Smith

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