3 Reasons to Love U Part Virgin Indian Hair Wigs

by Sunnys Girl November 04, 2016

Virgin Indian Hair U Part Wig

What is a  U- Part Wig?

A U-Part Wig is a Wig that is made like a standard wig but at the top of the wig a small lace area can be cut off and the remaining wig has combs attached to it so that you can leave out a small part of your hair out and cover the wig as you would sew-in hair extensions.  Watch the video below to see it for yourself!  

3 Reasons to Love Virgin Indian Hair U Part Wigs

  1. Versatility: In above video,  I show you in less than 3 minutes  how I go from long Victoria Secret's Waves to a Razored Ombre Bob. I have so many U Part Wigs in different styles and lengths.  The best part is that I didn't have to do a thing to my hair to change my look!  This is why so many celebrities love these wigs.  They can have a lot of versatility and change without living in the Salon. 
  2. Protective Styling: Over the years I've found that while sew in hair extensions are amazing...wearing them year after year takes a toll on your edges overall density of your hair.  I now stay away from them and opt for Halo Hair Extensions in the Spring and Summer and use U Part Wigsin the Fall and Winter.  I braid my hair up and attach the combs to my braids.  Then at night, I take off the U Part Wig and moisturize my hair and allow my scalp to breathe.  The products I mentioned in the video are Jane Carter's Leave In Moisturizerand Design Essentials Leave-In Mist
  3. Saves Time & Money: As a working mother I don't have the time to escape to a Salon and play "Guess how long it will take to do my hair" game.  I still visit the salon weekly but now I don't have to sit under the dryer for hours to allow my braids to dry.  I wash my hair the night before and allow the braids to dry and at the Salon I just get my small leave out section washed and blown out into my hair.  I'm in and out in less than an hour!  While the wig costs money upfront I'm able to keep my wigs so much longer than I did with a sew in because the wig retains the hair longer than a weft would.  I have had some wigs for over 2 years!  I make sure to purchase Virgin Hair so that I can ensure that the hair hasn't been chemically processed in a way that compromises the quality.   

We sell Virgin Indian Hair U- Part Wigs online and in our Retail stores.  They come with the combs already attached and in 18".  If you would like to purchase one longer or shorter please email us and we can send you a custom order request.  

If you live in NYC and want to visit a stylist skilled in blending and styling U Part Wigs I recommend Sade Milanda.  I also highly recommend Dream Dry Salonin Atlanta, Chicago and NYC for getting blowouts with your U-Part Wigs! 

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