3 Brands we Love to Dye Virgin Indian Hair

by Sunnys Girl May 05, 2017

how to dye virgin indian hair

How to Dye Virgin Indian Hair 

You've stalked the best hair extension stylist on Instagram, finally secured a hair appointment with her and bought the perfect hair extensions. You bought Virgin Indian Hair and it’s the perfect length, style and texture -- it’s too bad the shade just isn't quite right. The trick with Virgin Indian hair is that because it has never been colored the color can range from a natural black to a soft dark brown and you just might be an natural off black. 

Sunny’s Girl Tip: We read the order notes so if you want darker or lighter bundles please tell us!

If you've ever been frustrated when trying to color-match Virgin hair extensions to your real hair, don't give up or settle on what's "good enough." Instead, take a tip from the pros and dye the extensions yourself -- that's their secret weapon to achieve the perfect blend and match to their client’s hair. Most virgin Indian hair extensionshave never been colored, so your color choice should balance dimension and coverage to blend in with your own hair. Here are some great out-of-the-box solutions for depositing color on extensions:

Best hair dyes for virgin indian hair

1. E-Salon

Awarded "Best Home Hair Color," by Allure Magazine, Brand One E-Salon customizes hair color based on your answers to a fun and simple visual questionnaire. Identify both the current shade of your extension and the desired shade, upload an optional photo and send the order to a hair color formula artist who'll soon ship you an at-home dye kit. Beauty editors are obsessedwith this service's ease, affordability and professional results. Clients love the ability to use leftover color for a shampoo-in touch-up.

Best hair dyes for virgin indian hair


The Italians have mastered many things glamorous and hair color is one of them. This Rome-based company delivers rich long-lasting color made with herbal, non-toxic and earth-friendly dyes and moisturizing ingredients. Their online color selector will lead you to a recommended color and generate ideas on how to highlight the shade with copper or gold tones. Affordable and respected by both stylists and environmentalists, Herbatint color kits are available in health food stores and at retailers like Amazon. Make sure to understand how their coloring system works before diving in.

John Frieda dye for Virgin Indian Hair Extensions

3. John Frieda Precision Foam Dye

An easy, reliable over-the-counter option for dying extensions comes from British stylist John Frieda's brand. The lightweight foam product might make you wonder if the coverage will be complete. Take heart -- most reviewers report that once the foam saturates your strands, the gorgeous color emerges and lasts for weeks. Sold in the aisles of popular drugstores and retailers everywhere, the foam colorant usually costs slightly more than its competitors but delivers on its promise of salon color and shine.

Since you aren't lifting the color of your extensions, the stakes are lower than usual than and it’s totally worth DIY. You also don't have to worry about covering gray or toxic absorption into the scalp, two issues that might normally limit your choices, so start experimenting today!

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