Spring Break Hair Tips & Tricks: Hair Extensions & the Ocean

by Sunnys Girl March 24, 2015

Spring Break and Virgin Indian Hair

swimming with blonde hair extensions

It's that time of year when many of you are headed to warmer beach destinations to embark on an annual rite of passage: Spring Break.  For some of you: Spring Break means shots, bikinis and lots of jet skis and others it might be something more mellow like a hammock and having time to leisurely read all those magazines stacking up next on your nightstand. 

Well if water or ocean is involved there are few things you should be aware of to make sure that you are taking care of your hair extensions:

  1.  Don't Buy New Hair Extensions:  The inclination is to run out and spend 500-700 on some new long curly Indian Hair extensions that skim the top of your butt...don't!  Seasalt and ocean water can wreak havoc on your strands.  Who wants to worry about your hair when you are supposed to be having fun.  On top of that a new set of extensions can take about a week to settle in and look natural. It's best to get a new set of hair extensions after your trip. Go with the hair you know.  Wear styles that allow you to put your hair in braids and buns and bring lots of cheap conditioner with you to protect your strands for the sea salt and ocean water!
  2. Do pick up a huge bottle of Suave Conditioner:  We love and always will love Suave Coconut Conditioner.  You will needs lots of conditioners to protect the hair from chlorine and ocean water.  You will also want to use it daily to conditioner rinse your hair extensions so they don't get too dry and straw like. It's easier to pick up something when you get there vs. checking a a bag just for your hair products. 
  3. Do consider going sans hair extensions:  Often time the best time I have had on vacation is when I took out my extensions and wore my hair in a sleek bun.  I relied on fake lashes, lots of jewelry and a nice bronzed tan to give me the glamour I craved without extensions.  Let your hair have a vacation from extensions and treat it as a time to condition and recharge your hair.  
  4. Don't go in the water without a plan:Wet your hair first with fresh water and seal with a thick heavy conditioner before you go in the pool or ocean.  Braid your hair into a tight braid or place it in a bun so that it doesn't get tangled from the water and rinse out your hair as soon as you are done swimming. 




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