How to Create your Hair Extensions Toolkit

by Sunnys Girl March 24, 2015

Any hairnista worth her salt doesn't just have one set of hair extensions, rather she has a closet full of hair extensions, wigs, ponytail pieces, u-part wigs, halo hair extensions, clip in extensions....need I go on!

Why do you need all of these? Well... for instance let's say you take out your strand by strand extensions and choose to give your hair a recommended 1-2 week break before adding them in again well you need to maintain a consistent look so perhaps you need a ponytail piece to hold you over for those two weeks.  Or...let's say you wear clip in extensions but you feel that the combs and all the putting them in and out are starting to damage your hair... well a good u-part wig can help you wear your hair in a protective style for a month or so until you are ready to resume the clip in extensions. 

Here's how to build your toolkit:

  1. U-Part Wigs:  These are great! Try to have one or two that you always have on deck.  I like to make my own or if I purchase one I always make some alterations by using darts or making the cap a little smaller.  One great trick I have is to make one u-part with with the natural texture of my hair with Bohyme Brazilian Wave and one with my old hair extensions from a sew-in that is still able to be re-used in a sleeker texture such as Natural Wave Indian Hair.  This allows me to transition back and forth between heated styles and more low maintenance styles while I'm on vacation. 
  2. Ponytail Piece:  I love these for days when I just want a simple wrap around pony and want the look of a sleek but thick ponytail.  I also get these made with my hair extensions that I have used for a sew in and have them in a variety of textures.
  3. Clip In Hair Extensions:  I love my clip in eternally.  There is nothing a versatile and as natural as they are.  I always use them a lot more in the Spring and Summer when I tend to wear my own hair in heat styled looks. I've also been loving using my ombre clip in extensions when I want to experiment with color without damaging my own hair. 
  4. Wigs:  Every girl needs a wig in her life.  You all know the moment when you take out your hair extensions and you just have to run around and do errands or you are working out and you can't be bothered to deal with hair extensions.  A good cheap wig with hat is a miracle worker.  It's also great for when you are doing conditioning treatments on your hair and you need to run around town for some errands. 

If you don't have a toolkit...consider getting started with your next set of extensions...don't throw away your old one learn how you can repurpose what you are about to throw away and get creative in the process!

Sunnys Girl
Sunnys Girl

Lover of all things beauty...but especially hair. Grew up working in her family's hair supply store and now runs the website! Writes fun and interesting commentary for hairnistas around the world.

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