6 Simple Tips for Natural Looking Hair Extensions

by Sunnys Girl February 16, 2015

6 Tips for Natural Looking Hair Extensions

6 Tips for Natural Virgin Indian Hair Extensions

Last Updated August 18th 2016

Today's Blog Post is brought you by our Guest Blogger & Sunny's Girl Lysandra McGregor of  XO Lysandra

Hair extensions are probably the one accessory I can't do without! I really love to see natural looking hair extensions because realistically, no one has 16 ounces of hair growing out of their head and if you think about it, if you're using Virgin Indian hair then one bundle is how thick the donor's hair is.

It's totally fine if you love the super glammed-up, voluminous hair look, but I love when people aren't sure if I'm wearing extensions or not and I especially love the compliments I get about how natural my extensions look. So if you are looking to simply accentuate what you already have going on then here are my top 6 tips to get your extensions to look natural:

1. Texture matching: Make sure the textures are compatible, straight hair blends better into wavy hair because straight hair can be manipulated like with a curling wand but if you have really coarse hair, you should not be trying to blend it with silky straight extensions because even though your hair can be straightened , it will require too much maintenance  especially if it gets humid and it will be harder to blend.

So it is very important that you choose your extensions based on how well it can blend with your hair texture.

2. Overnight prep: I know that when your extensions are fresh they look really good on their own but overtime they will start to look dull and messy if you don't take proper care of them at nights. This will also save you time in the mornings because you won't need to do much styling.

When I am wearing curly hair I do two strand twists with my hair and the top layers of my extensions so that in the morning all I have to do is pull them out. And when I am wearing straight hair, I set my hair, combined with the extension hair on flexi-rods.

Always wrap your hair up in a scarf or sleep on a silky pillowcase so that your hair stays tame.

3. Styling: If you are wearing a part, like a center part,keep your part messy, a super straight part is the dead giveaway! You should also consider adding layers to frame your face, more than likely your leave-out is shorter than your extensions, so the layers will help to blend better while adding volume as well.

4. Color matching: I love to custom color my extensions to give it more dimension and to also help my hair to blend in better. My hair is between a 1B (off black) and 2 (dark brown), so what I do is color one bundle of hair-the one that will go at the top of my wig or sew in because this will sit next to the hair I leave out. I do this because I buy Virgin Indian Hair and so the hair color is usually a natural black or much darker than my hair.

Extensions are pretty glossy when they're new, so I'd recommend you do a glaze to your leave out so that your hair doesn't look dull sitting on top of your extensions and if you are reinstalling previously used hair you can glaze both your hair and your extensions. I personally love the John Frieda Glazes.  I use it once a week in the shower. 

5. Installation: Don't leave out too much of your own hair, leave out just enough to cover the tracks. I know you might think that leaving more of your hair out will make it look more natural but it won't because it just means that you have more hair to try to camouflage and it will also be harder to maintain.

Try not to use more than 6-8 ounces of hair. The lighter your extensions sit, the more natural they will look.

It's hard to get a natural look with wigs, the easiest way is to wear a wig that has bangs and volume, it will be harder to see the seal in a curly wig.

6. Tools: If you don't own a curling wand you are missing out! Yes, I prefer these to a curling iron because the waves they create look so much more natural and can done in a variety of ways, like beach type waves, messy curls and really deep body waves.

The key to having natural looking extensions is to keep it simple and to accommodate your actual hair. I hope you liked my tips and here's to turning heads with natural looking extensions!


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Lysandra is wearing 3 bags of Virgin Curly Indian Hair.  To achieve her look, use 2 bags of 22" and 1 bag of 18"


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