3 Products under $5 to get gorgeous volume

by Sunnys Girl January 14, 2015

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Sometimes times get tough and we have to try to find ways to make our paycheck stretch, while still looking glamorous. That is why we have found some great hair products for low prices that will add a great amount of volume to your hair while still keeping the prices relatively low. Many of the products listed below can also be found at your local drugstores, and/or Walmart.

  1. Aussie Aussome Volume Hair Spray is said to have a yummy smelling formula that will leave your hair smelling good all day long, and is reliable in keeping your hair lifted and voluminous without that crunchy texture a lot of hair sprays give. The best part of the product is that its very commonly found in stores, and has an ¨Aussome¨ low price of $3.43 at Wal-Mart, and many other stores.
  1. Suave Professionals Volumizing Root Boost Spray has been known for giving hair a voluminized and fluffy look that looks chic, and not a big hot mess like some other hair products out in the market. This hair spray beats a lot of high end products because it transforms thin flat hair to full voluminous hair giving the illusion of you just walking out of the salon chair! This product gives a great finishing smell, and has the low, cheap price of $2.88 at Wal-Mart and various other stores.
  1. got.2b Powder’fulis not a Volumizing Spray, but it is a wonderful Volumizing Styling Powder that gets rave reviews from the lightweight of the product, and the crazy volume you get from it. The product is designed were once you apply it on your hands you have to rub your hands together, the powder will then disappear from view(you will still be able to feel the product on your hair), and then you add it into your hair to achieve a colossal amount of volume. This cool product is long-lasting, and a little bit of it goes a long way.Some Wal-marts keep this product in stock in the store more often than others, so if you are looking to buy it from Wal-mart, your best bet to buy it online where you can get this product for a steal at a low price of only $4.22
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