New Year New You: 3 Super Foods to help Grow your Hair Longer & Fuller

New Year New You: 3 Super Foods to help Grow your Hair Longer & Fuller

Healthy Foods for Healthy Hair!!!

Ladies! The new year is just around the corner, and often part of our New Years’ Resolution is to start the year fresh with a healthy diet. This is the perfect time to include yummy, and healthy foods in our new diet plans that will help give us those luscious lock.Hair care products are great to achieving healthy hair,however surprisingly the best hair care remedies to achieving the healthy hair we dream of is right in our fridge.


Walnuts are not only great to add as a yummy topping to your salads, but they are rich in biotin which helps to strengthen our hair, reduce the amount of hair fall out, and improve the hair growth. Another idea you can add walnuts to, to help your hair growth is by making your own homemade trail mix. One of my girlfriends always takes around a little bottle she bought from Target,and then fills it up with different types of nuts, with dark chocolate chips. This makes a delicious healthy snack, and this must be one of the things that does the trick, because she has gorgeous thick hair.Walnuts are also great, because they contain copper which helps to maintain your rich,natural hair color.


Salmon is great for a nice,nutritious family dinner alongside some vegetables, but it is also key for helping to add protein,vitamin D, and Omega-3 fatty acids to your hair.Omega-3 fatty acids are vital in helping the process of hair growth, which is why it is important to make sure you include these in your diet,because it is not produced by the body. I personally love to fix salmon alongside another fish to add variety, and then season it and put it in the oven. I want to make sure my family gets all the good nutrients they can, so I also cook some greens to go with the main dish. Also, speaking of greens another great food to add to your diet to improve your hair care is Spinach. Spinach contains iron,beta carotene,folate,and vitamin C. The vitamin C helps to ensure that your hair follicles stay strong and healthy. So, next time you are not sure what to cook for dinner this could be a wonderful option to have.

Greek yogurt-

We always keep Dannon Greek yogurt in our fridge for a quick breakfast grab for those days we are on the go, and need something, quick and easy to have for breakfast. Greek yogurt is good for your hair, because it is high in protein,vitamin B5(an ingredient included in many hair products), and vitamin D(which has a connection with improving hair follicles).You can even add your own fruit to these yogurts, or even buy a bag or crunched up granola which goes great with this on the grab breakfast item.


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