How to Recreate Nikki Minaj's New Natural Look with Vlogger Princess Kooch


Last week we partnered with You Tube Beauty Guru Princess Kooch to show how to recreate your Nikki Minaj's more natural sleek look! Princess Kooch and her "dolls" are a there own force of nature on You Tube so it was so much fun to see her show how to use Natural Wave Indian Hair in 18 and 22" to make a U Part Unit!  


If you don't know about U-Part Wigs...they are a game changer.  A U-Part Wig offers the convenience of a wig but is undetectable like a good weave.  If you don't feel like making a U-Part Wig from scratch you can always purchase a ready made wig online and add hair to it to recreate the Nikki Look. 




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