Our Top 3 Predictions for Halloween 2014 Costumes

Our Top 3 Predictions for Halloween 2014 Costumes

For some people they have already had costumes lined up for weeks.  Others are just getting the juices flowing for a Halloween costume and this post is for you! 



Halloween Wigs with Scarlett Johanssen

1. Black Widow:  You need a true red wig with a tousled bob.  It's a Wig makes fantastic vibrant red wigs at a great price. 


Elsa Wigs for Halloween Frozen

2. Elsa from Frozen:  Magic Touch makes great true blonde and long wigs that can be braided up much to you your daughter's delight. Come early for these wigs because everyone and their mother just can't let Frozen Go!

Scandal Hair Extensions

3. Olivia Pope From Scandal:  For some of you all you will need is a flat iron and a white hat...others you will need a nice practical 'I'm a Gladiator but I still get my hair done every week' wig our recommendation Bobbi Boss Gold! 


Stop in to any location before Halloween.  Our Halloween Sale this year will feature wigs up to 40% off and begins  Sat Oct. 25th through Halloween!


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