Sunny's Q & A: How do I get my strand by strand extensions to stay hidden and not peek out?

by Sunnys Girl July 24, 2014

Sunny's Q & A:  How do I get my strand by strand extensions to stay hidden and not peek out?

Q.  I just got hair extensions for the first time and while I love them...I'm consumed by fears that you can see the extensions through my thin fine blonde hair.  I wondered if you had any advice for me...another method etc.?

A. We are glad you wrote to us about this issue.  You want hair extensions to be undetectable and not something that you are constantly thinking about.  There is a very small simple change that you can make to the method in which your stylist applies your strand by strand extensions that will help eliminate this issue.  When pre-tipped extensionscame out for strand by strand hair extensions people rolled the hair around your strands.  This created an oblong or round connection point near the scalp.  The issue with this is that as water penetrated the connection point the attachment loosened and "flowered" and created a bulkier less secure attachment point. 
Now that we know better, we advise women using strand by strand extensions to fold the extensions around the hair like a butterfly and then press it flat and secure with flat-nosed smooth pliers.  This simple change allows for less bulk and is way more undetectable than the old round or oblong bonds.  As time goes on because there is no circular attachment point water can't penetrate and make it bulkier and it lies way way more flat than the old way of doing strand by strand extensions.  
Sunnys Girl
Sunnys Girl

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