Sourcing Indian Hair at Sunnys: Fair Trade & Globalization

Sourcing Indian Hair at Sunnys:  Fair Trade & Globalization

We have sold Indian Hair at Sunny's for over 20 years way before it was trendy or marketed as "Brazilian or Malaysian Hair".  At the core of our relationship with our factory in India is two family businesses that work to empower their employees and maintain a consistent experience for their customers.  Here are three things that you might not expect about where your Indian Hair comes from:

Virgin Indian Hair direct from a factory in India

1. The region is extremely remote

The factory that we purchase our hair from in India is a remote and distant factory near the border of Bangladesh.  There is very little enterprise going on besides agriculture and processing Indian Hair.  The trip alone requires an 18 hour flight to Mumbai and two additional flights within India and THEN an 3 hour car drive.  

Women Collecting Virgin Indian Hair

2. Women run the show

The most amazing part about our factory is that it is one of the largest employers in the entire state yet unlike many other industries in India the factory owner and his wife go out of their way to employ women at their factory. The factory employs over 1500 women which is unheard of in manufacturing.  The women are provided educational opportunities for literacy and computer skills and many women use their earnings to help send their daughters to school which has created a ripple effect of women's empowerment in the region. 

3. The quality comes with the quantity

The factories pull hair in the order of their top clientele first. The smaller orders are picked from the leftovers.  This is where the long and personal relationship with our factory benefits our Sunny's Girls.  The factory pulls the quality bundles for our monthly standing orders to make sure you get the best and consistent quality. 



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