So you want your Indian Hair to last a year? Here's 3 Secrets to long Lasting Virgin Indian Hair

So you want your Indian Hair to last a year?  Here's 3 Secrets to long Lasting Virgin Indian Hair

Can Virgin Indian Hair Really Last Up to a Year?

We all hear about why women love Virgin Indian Hair...because they can reuse the hair atleast up to one year making it a better financial option over Beauty Supply Hair (Indi Remy, Sensationnel etc).  While Indian Hair is amazing...its not invincible so in order for it to last up to a year here are three great tips to ensure you protect your Indian Hair Extensions

1. Don't Cut the Tracks:  This is relevant for Indian Hair Wefted Extensions.  The weft holds the hair together and it is sewn by machine.  If you cut the track every time you start a new row you essentially have a bunch of loose threads that will result in excess shedding.  Any stylists worth their salt knows not to cut the tracks too much when doing a sew in.  It also makes it much easier to reuse for the next install instead of guessing which piece goes where.  If you do cut the tracks only do it at the very back and top.  So that your ponytails lay flatter.  When you cut the track use a bit of nail glue on the edges to reinforce the weft and prevent unnecessary shedding. 


2. Lay off the Heat Tools during Summer:  Just like our own hair...excess use of heat causes thinning, damage and dryness which will result in some lackluster Indian Hair extensions.  So use the summer to embrace the natural texture of your Indian Hair Extensions.   Just make sure to rewet the hair as much as possible to prevent your hair from looking too frizzy. 


3. Give it a good treatment and trim 4x a year: Just like your own hair your Indian hair extensions need some tlc.  The heat styling, manipulation and normal wear and tear take their toll on the ends of your extensions. The split ends that the hair develops can accelerate over time and make your hair look dry and thin.  Take some preventative steps and give your Indian Hair a trim 4 times a year and also do a deep restorative treatment at that time to restore its luster and shine.



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