PSA: People Might be Talking About Your Hair Extensions Behind your Back...Here's Why

by Sunnys Girl June 04, 2014

Virgin Indian Hair Serena Williams

Can we level with you? This post is not for everyone.  But it is for a lot of people; some of whom are near and dear to us.  They have bad weaves or extensions.  We might snicker behind their back, give them terrible nicknames and that they... we keep mentioning....might even be us. So here's the deal; these are the top reasons why people might be talking behind your back about your horrible hair extensions.


It looks ashy:  

This is a cardinal sin we see time and again with Virgin Indian Hair.  It comes in a natural dark brown color that borders on being a 2/4.  Here's the thing....that color is not the look on every skin tone.  As your complexion gets darker that ashy color doesn't offer enough contrast to your skin color and it simply looks ashy.  There is a simple fix to this... lighten it or darken it.  It's much easier to throw a gentle temporary darker rinse on your Indian hair extensions.  It's also easy to find an amazing colorist and have them experiment with some chocolate lowlights complemented with auburn or caramel highlights. 

It looks stringy:  

This is main culprit for stringy hair extensions is strand by strand extensions.  The density of your hair may not provide enough of a foundation to give you the long lustrous locks you had hoped for.  You were going for Blake Lively and you're actually giving Bad Britney Spears.  The best way to fix this is to give up on strand by strand hair extensions and consider getting Malaysian Hair Extensions or Tape In Hair Extensions.  This will allow the hair to provide enough volume to mask and hide your fine hair.  But sometimes not even changing the method is enough.  You have just let your hair get too damaged from constantly wearing extensions and coloring or texturizing it.  Unfortunately for you the only remedy for this it to take out your hair extensions for six months and get your hair together.  Start with cutting off your dead ends and get a series of treatments to restore your hair's health.  Lay off the heat and the color and maybe consider wearing a wig for a few months.  But the goal is always to use hair extensions to treat your hair as the ultimate accessory... extensions shouldn't be the ultimate necessity. 


It's too blonde...just too blonde
Here's the tipoff that your extensions are way too blonde: if you are over 23 and still wearing color 60 or if you are older than 35 and wear color 613 your extensions are no longer age appropriate and are just way too blonde.  Consider introducing some subtle low-lights underneath towards the nape of your neck to achieve a more dimensional blonde.  We suggest starting with colors 14/22 or 16/22 that will still allow you to maintain the platinum blonde color but it will just have way more dimension. 
Blonde Hair Extensions
It smells
No one wants to tell someone that they smell.  Moreover, they may not even be able to recognize that it is your extensions that is the cause of the odor.  But I will.  This is the biggest complaint that I hear from men about hair extensions particularly braided hair extensions.  The culprit is mildew.  The hair is not allowed to completely dry in an area that is tucked under the weft and braided. To remedy this...when wearing braided hair extensions make sure you sit under a hooded dryer to absorb all the moisture from your braids whenever you wash your hair. Also consider using a blend of Seabreeze and leave- in conditioner at your roots to absorb oil collecting on your scalp that you may not be able to reach underneath the braids.  
It's way too greasy
There are usually a few reasons for why your hair is too greasy.  You are afraid to wash your hair extensions too much especially if you have blonde hair because you don't want to dry it out too much.  If this is the case, its a valid fear and washing your hair too much will further deplete the moisture from your hair but the oils from your scalp could be contributing to your hair extensions sliding out especially if you have strand by strand or Malaysian hair extensions.   My suggestion: use a dry shampoo. We are obsessed with Oscar Blandi Dry Shampooat Sunny's.  Just use a little at the roots daily and then use your blow dryer on a warm setting for a bit to absorb the oil.
Another culprit of this is on Curly Indian Hair.  We see this all the time and it makes us cringe!  You don't need to apply curly hair products developed for natural hair on your hair extensions.  Indian Hair is meant to be left with very little product on it. The hair isn't dry and therefore just gets weighed down looking when heavy products are used on it.  
Your texture doesn't blend
This is a hard one... texture is something that can be manipulated fairly easy but to ensure healthy hair its best to try and install extensions that are closer to your natural hair texture.  CNN's Zain Asher above is an unfortunate example of a stunning woman who would be best served by using extensions that have just a little more texture to them to blend with her roots.  We would suggest using Natural Curl or Kinky Curly Indian Hairso that you when she straightens her hair it will blend better with her extensions.  It also is important to deep condition your hair that you leave out to ensure that your texture is a soft and moisturized as it can be.
If you want to experiment with textures its best to use a frontal, closure or a full Lace Wig ( all of which we now sell on
It's too damn long 
This is just a silly silly thing. You have blunt short hair and you opt for thick long hair extensions without having any blending layers between your hair extensions.  I discussed this in our last blog post and gave suggestions for Natural Looking Hair Extensions.
We hope this helps and it you have any other reasons that you think were left off of here please tell me in the comments.  Also feel free to share if you thought I was too harsh! 
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