3 Secrets for Natural Looking Hair Extensions

by Sunnys Girl May 29, 2014

3 Secrets for Natural Looking Hair Extensions

3 Secrets for natural looking indian hair extensions


How many times have you seen a woman with long flowing locks and thought, nice hair...where'd you buy it?  For most women that's not the goal.  To achieve natural looking hair extensions here are our top 3 tricks:


  1. Use Layers:  The best tip we have heard over the years is to start with your shortest layer towards the crown of your hair and select hair extensions that are only 2-3" longer than your shortest layer. This will provide a camouflage layer for your shorter hair and act as a bridge towards your longer layers. Even if you only use 2 ounces of this short layer it will make a huge difference in blending your hair with your extensions.  Continue with gradual layers to reach your ultimate desired length.  Hair extensions are extremely difficult to cut in a way that looks natural so the less you have to cut to achieve layers the more natural your extensions will look. 
  2. Blend Color with your Ends not your Roots:  When selecting hair extension colors don't go by what your roots or even the mid section of your hair.  Instead focus on the dominating color on your ends.  This is especially true for blondes or women with hair color that is much lighter towards the end.  The ends of your hair should disappear into your hair extensions.  If you have the option always select hair extensions that have several colors in them if you are a blonde.  The more numbers in the color the better.  For example a favorite color of ours is 6/27/8/613 by Lord & Cliff. This color has low lights with ash blonde colors and then has a pinch of strawberry blonde with touches of platinum blonde streaks.  Lord & Cliff is a wonderful brand for blondes because it truly mimics the dimensions of blonde hair. 
  3. Match your own hair's density:  Grab a section of your hair that lines up between your eyebrows if that hair is thick from root to tip then you will need to select hair that has a heavier texture and you will most likely need at least 8-12 ounces of hair extensions added in.  Consider using hair such as The Double Drawn Indian Hairthat has the short hairs drawn out of it.  If your hair is thinning or on the finer side, don't use as much hair throughout your extensions consider using 6-8 ounces to match your own hair's density.
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