The Met Ball: Looks we Love

The Met Ball:  Looks we Love


Reese Witherspoon Met Ball

 We love soft vintage waves and Rhese Witherspoon gave us a shorter more updated version of this.  Gorge!

Met Ball Hair Styles on Red Carpet's hard to have not short but not long hair and look stunning.  With just a peek of volume on top you gave us red carpet but effortless.


Blake Lively Blonde Hair Extensions

Well is this a look we love... not 100%.  The side bouffant is too literal of a translation of this style for our taste.  We'd rather see something softer and flatter to modernize this style.  But Blake is simply stunning in this ensemble so I guess we love it. 


Chanel Iman at the Met Ball

Chanel Iman is hands down our favorite look for the evening.  The hair is 100% perfect.  The length, the severity of the waves and the adornment with the comb is perfection!  She usually sports long luscious locks but she has the body and face to switch up her length from time to time. 


Overall we weren't blown away with anyone's hair for the Met Ball.  The Met Ball is really all about fashion but hair is part in parcel with events such as this.  What do you think?  Who were your favorite looks?  Please write us in the comments. 


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