Sunny's Q & A: I've lost my edges and temples what are my best options?

Sunny's Q & A:  I've lost my edges and temples what are my best options?

Naomi Campbell without her hair extensions

Q. I've recently had a baby and now all of a sudden the hair at my edges and temples are thinning extremely.  I can't deal with the continuous post-partum shedding and was considering hair extensions or wearing a closure... what do you recommend?

We've all seen this image by now... one of the most iconic Supermodels of all time exposing what used to be a hairline. It's a common problem that has many causes. In your case your thin edges and temples is from post-partum hormones making up for the months that suspended shedding during pregnancy.  Whatever the causes of thinning at the edges, it is important to recognize it as soon as you can and take drastic steps to suspend further damage to avoid looking like Ms. Campbell.

Here are a few tips to allow your hair to return to its former glory:

1. Although it is tempting to get hair extensions or a protective style that will hide your edges by covering it up with a frontal or a closure you should wait until your hair and the follicles along the hairline have improved and show at least and in or two in new growth.  How can you do this without a protective style?  Wigs!


2.  Using a wig will allow you to gently baby your edges while hiding the thinning on the edges.  There is no shortcut to this you need a high quality wig that is an Adjustable Lacefront  so that you don't need to use glues or adhesives to affix it to your head.  You want the lace to be lightweight and delicate so that it doesn't add tension or bulk to your edges. 


3. Consider cutting bangs or layers.  This may sound crazy to cut your hair to hide thinning hair but.... it can encourage you to wear hairstyles that frame your face and allow you to hide the thinning it also makes you less likely to wear your hair in tight buns or ponytails that further add traction alopecia to your thinning hair issue. 


Sunny's you have any other tips for thinning edges or post-partum shedding?  Please share with us your tips and tricks in the comments section!




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