Silicone Line Micro Beads + Wefted Hair Extensions = LOVE

Lately we have been just bored with the current methods of hair extensions....searching for something beyond strand by strand and sew-ins.

We have been in love with Skin Weft or tape in extensions because they are so fast to apply...but the drawback is that they don't last as long as we'd like.

So it was back to the drawing board.  Then a Sunny's Girl went to Metowi Willingham of Salon Ramsey and had a few tracks added in with a method called Malaysian Hair Extensions and a true love affair began.

The method uses silicone lined micro-links and wefted Indian Hair Extensions from Sunny's to create a flat and almost undecteable form of hair extensions that can last with proper maintenance 1-3 months. 

So good!  We will report back on feedback. 


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