Is it a look we love?


We Kim K is living our mantra... Change your Hair... Change your Life.

We love Kim K at Sunny's but we always loved how she stayed true to her dark hair and owned the look.

Now we are left to ponder who's gonna represent the brunette bombshell vixen spot now that Kim has gone sun-kissed blonde.

We are guessing that her recent breakup left her wanting a change and while she does look stunning we are quite sure yet if this is a look we love.... So we will leave it up to you...

Well if you love Kim K's look and want to recreate it here are some recommendations

Short Term Look:
Smooth and Straight Clip Ins in Color 479. One of our top selling colors delivers that perfect multi-tonal blonde that we all pine for.

Long Term Look:
Strand by Strand Extensions by 909 in 20" Silky Straight. We would purchase one pack of 613 for platinum highlights, Two Packs 909 of 14/22 for Golden Rich Blonde and Two packs of 479 for rich luscious dimension.

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