3 Ways to Healthy Winter Hair

3 Ways to Healthy Winter Hair

3 ways to have healthy winter hair using hair extensions

Brrr… It’s cold out there!

With record lows this Winter, it’s super important to take care of your hair and not let it fall victim to arctic-like chill – Read on to find out how!

1. DON’T go out with wet or damp hair!
Not only do you not want to catch a cold, but it’s very

possible for your hair to actually freeze which will lead to breakage.
2. Add a deep conditioner to your routine
Especially if you’re going from a warm inside to the chilly

outside, your hair could use a deep conditioning boost to stay healthy.

3. Consider a silk scarf
Other winter hats sometimes cause static hair or breakage, so try wrapping hair with a fashionable silk scarf for not only a new look, but to protect it from the winds and chill.


Winter hair care tips for hair extensions

What are your ideas on how to combat the winter winds?


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